a simple statistics measurements using SPSS and scale measurements

Lab #1 AssignmentDuring election season, a poll was given to 20 people, and the results are included in the poll.sav
data set. (Note that the Measure column in Variable View is not necessarily correct. You should
correctly identify the Measure, however.) Below is a table of what each variable represents. Fill
in the correct Scale of Measurement for each variable (10 points).
Scale of Measurement
0: female
1: male
1: republican
2: democrat
3: independent
4: libertarian
income (in thousands of dollars)
jobsat (on a Likert scale from 0-100)
tvhours (hours of tv watched per week)
radiohours (hours of radio listening per week)
completion (order in which person completed survey)
Using SPSS, complete any 4 of the following. Be sure to show your work (output).
1. Provide the mean and standard deviation of the age of the poll respondents.
2. Create a scatterplot for the tvhours and radiohours variables. Does there appear to be a
relationship between the two variables? If so, in what direction (positive/negative). If not,
how can you tell?
3. What is the correlation coefficient for the relationship between tvhours and radio hours?
4. Create one bar graph that looks at political party, sex, and income at once.
5. What is the correlation coefficient for the relationship between completion and jobsat?
6. Are there any outliers the data? If yes, in which variable(s)?
7. What is the median of the numchild variable?
8. Develop a research question based on this data set that would be answered using a
correlation analysis. It cannot use the exact same two variables found in Question 2 or
Question 5. Write your research question and tell what type of correlation would be
required (parametric vs nonparametric) and why this type would be required.
9. Not related to the poll.sav data set: Below is some data related to preference for a school voucher.
Using alpha = .05, test the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the proportion of people
for, against, or undecided about school vouchers. Be sure to provide the test statistic, p value OR
critical value used to compare the test statistic to, and tell your decision.
For Maybe Against
23 17

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