AASI 600 ERAU RVSM Contributing Action Toward Environmental Sustainability Discussion

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) saw the need to find a way to accommodate more aircraft at the most efficient flight levels more than 30 years ago.

In 1982, they embarked on an initiative to identify the technology improvements and procedures required to allow less vertical separation between aircraft in cruise flight. This ICAO initiative resulted in the revision of ICAO Annex 6-Operation of Aircraft-Part 1 to include reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM). RVSM has reduced the vertical separation required between aircraft from the old standard of 2,000 feet to just 1,000 feet in all airspace between FL290 and FL410, inclusive. Reducing the number of aircraft sharing a given level flight not only enhanced safety but also strengthened route performance, reduced delays, and lowered fuel consumption.

Consider this information, the reading and resources in the module, and the reading material below, and write an essay evaluating how RVSM can be a contributing action toward environmental sustainability.

Present how beneficial RVSM has been proven so far in air operations and why it could contribute to an airliner’s sustainability strategy and goals.

Consult the following sources for additional information:

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