Accounting Twilio Companys Billing System Case Study Project

the topic. It needs to based on an accounting procedure that can be made easy within your organisation.

Project Structure
The Title page should identify the Title of the Diploma Programme (Human Resource
Management, Project Management and so on) your name, the name of your Advisor, the officially
approved project case/title, and lastly, the date submitted.
List each section according to this Research Project Structure and corresponding page/s. Include
a list of Appendices in this section.
Write a few paragraphs describing at a high level, the key elements of the project that are detailed
throughout the Research Project document. For simplicity, you can break this section up into three
parts. One, a small insight into the industry; two, a glimpse of the issue at hand; and three, some
of the specific dynamics (proposed solutions) that will help resolve these issues. The Executive
Summary should “sum up” the project at first glance.
This section should give the reader a general idea of the company, the products/services that they
offer, how long they have been in existence, the competitiveness of the environment and so on.
After doing so, the reader has an idea of the company then they can transition seamlessly into the
undermentioned problem statement.
This section should describe (in great detail), the issues that are currently ongoing at the
organisation and why it is important to be remedied. This serves as a means of justification,
therefore it is imperative that you identify who are all the stakeholders affected. Answer the
questions: Who are the stakeholders affected (customers, suppliers, employees, sponsors etc.) and
how are they affected? How does the management of the firm and employees feel about the
issue/problem? Describe the customer/client’s perspective about the product/service.
(Written in future tense)
1st paragraph- Needs Assessment (identify the issue and the need for addressing the issue in the
2nd Paragraph – What kind of data will be used. (Primary, Secondary, Both) State what Primary
and/or secondary data was used and the advantages of using them. E.g. Questionnaire, interview.
3rd Paragraph state what instrument will used in the analysis, Implementation Plan etc. Eg. SWOT
Analysis, Assumptions/Constraints, Risks Assessment, cases etc. (if SWOT was chosen explain
why you chose SWOT to analyse the organization)
paragraph state if your research will be qualitative or quantitative or both and the advantage of
using it.
5th Paragraph state How many questions will be asked to gather data in your research? Who was
targeted to get responses? When will the research be carried out? Was there a Cost of research?
Yes or no and explain.
paragraph – state the Limitations of the research.
inor X
S2 1991ota
Clearly state a minimum of 2-4 project objectives that are SMART (specific, measurable,
achievable, realistic and timely).
Specific – set out clear, concise goal/objective
Measurable – the ability to track the progress of the goal/objective DATIT
Achievable – set challenging, yet achievable goals
buona qon
Relevant – set goals/objectives that are aligned to your proposed solution names
Timely – the goal/objective should have a finish time attached to itso tajorq bevoies
For example, a goal to achieve a grade A in this project would be considered a SMART goal, as it
clearly identifies what you want to do, state the expected outcomes or benefits (what is the impact
of the intervention on business processes, systems, people, the organization/industry/product, etc.).
tion industty/products are
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Lidt i coiboqqA lo til s
In this section, you should conduct an assessment of the client organization, industry/ product, in
order to provide a diagnosis and to validate the problem as identified under the Problem Statement
section. You are free to conduct surveys, interviews, site visits/observation, and state your
findings of the current situation. Show evidence of how the client/industry/product owners are
responding to the problem. Identify disparities in perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, problem
solving abilities, support systems (information technology, human resource capability,
motivational level, etc.). List the people, space, hardware/software, and other resources needed
to complete your project successfully. You are free to assume the role of a consultant. Come
The Title
Ideally, should mirror closely the intent of the paper and reflect
the major emphasis thereof
o Typically reflects three parts:
• 1. The action that will be undertaken -E.g. An Investigation; An
Appraisal; A Robust Critique; A Systematic Investigation; An
• 2. The topic area that will be engaged or the research emphasis – e.g.
into Diversity Management; of the Motivational Practices; of
Leadership Behaviours and Styles; into the Change Resistance at
• 3. The subject of the study – e.g. whether an organization/s or a
department thereof – at Amalgamated Security Services; utilized at
the Ministry of Social Development – Public Relations Unit; within the
TTPS environment; employed by XYZ Ltd.
Usually between 8-12 words
o Example: An investigation in Diversity Management at the
Ministry of Social Development.
Problem Statement

A persuasive statement of problem is usually written in three
• Part A (The ideal): Describes a desired goal or ideal
situation; explains how things should be. Introduces the
organisation and List customers, sponsors, and
Part B (The reality): Describes a condition that prevents the
goal, state, or value in Part A from being achieved or
realized at this time; explains how the current situation falls
short of the goal or ideal. List problems.
Part C (The consequences): Identifies the way you propose
to improve the current situation and move it closer to the
goal or ideal. Identify proposed solution.
The Goal and Research Objectives
o Ideally an objective should represent a major
sequential milestone that could stand on its
o Make them actionable – start with ‘to’; use a
higher order verb somewhere early in the
o 2-4 required

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