Ads from The 1950 Image Cloud Essay

Here’s the second Image Cloud project prompt and ads from the 1950’s, below.

ChooseONE to do, and include both your Word Search List as well as a shortdescription/writeup about why you chose the imagery that you did, andhow you feel it all works together. The length can be as long or asshort as you’d like for the written part, but please include enough sothat your point can be made.

Also, here are some topical hints to help you along when doing your research for them.

Advertisement Example 1, hints:

– the copy (“Freedom loving”)- family get togethers- domestic spaces- sports- modern couples

Advertisement Example 2, hints:

– the copy (emphasis on “Modern”, especially the term’s meaning in the 1950s)- famous ‘brunette’ actresses of the day (Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, etc)- domestic spaces- Christmas in the 1950s

“World Series U.S.A.” by John Falter. Naaber in the series “Home Life in America”
In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours-Beer belongs… enjoy it!
Sponsored by the United States Brewers Foundation… Chartered 1862Pepsi-Cola
THEN THE MODERN WOMAN counts her gifts this year, she’ll
Wind that the finest and most precious of them all is a
gift she has given herself.
It is a gift that will win her more admiration than the
costliest of furs or jewels. A gift of lasting youth, of better
health and longer life.
It is her modern. slender figure. Her reward for her own
good sense in diet, for avoiding the over-rich and over-heavy
in favor of food and drink that are lighter and less filling.
refreshes without filling
Hers is the wholesome modern taste for which
Pepsi-Cola is made today. It is because of her, and her
countless men-folk who follow her sensible example, that
today’s Pepsi is light, dry (not too sweet), reduced in calories.
It is the modern, the light refreshment.
for today’s way of living. It refreshes.
without filling. This holiday season, drink
Pepsi-Cola, serve Pepsi-Cola.
whenever refreshment’s called for.
Pepsi-Cola The Light refreshment

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