AIMD Human Resources Business Position Paper

Following a recent job posting on the Disney Careers website page, I humbly tender my application for a
Human Resources Business Partner position under the advertised job ID 949319BR. I am current student at… I
am majoring in Human Resource Management I am set to complete this program on December 2022. Through
my previous part-time work experiences and skills gained through my major, I am confident that I can fulfill
this position’s requirements and help your company realize its human resource objectives. Any skills mad in
intro para must be evidence in body par
Before joining college, I had the privilege to manage a team of 15 staff members in one of the busiest
restaurants in my hometown. During my one-year stay at the restaurant as the staff manager, I introduced new
employee motivation strategies that significantly boosted their morale and productivity. Based on an internal
survey conducted by an external survey agency, the employees’ job satisfaction levels rose by 25% from the
previous year. Their productivity levels further reflected this achievement, as indicated by the fast customer
service rates and increased customer satisfaction ratings. Most new and old customers cited better customer
service as their main reason for dining in the restaurant. Voice
My active participation in human resource management discussion forums and webinars also provided critical
insight into the HR realm. I am confident that this newfound knowledge and skills will be a valuable addition
to your HR team and help Disney remain competitive in the HR market. The company continues to hunt for
top talent from the competitive talent market. Interesting The paragraph needs skills claims and evidence
Over the years, I have been fascinated by Disney’s continuous commitment to entertaining the world through
unparalleled storytelling. Being part of this great Disney mission remains my primary reason for wanting to
join this industry leader. I am confident that offering my services to your HR team will help Disney move
toward this mission even closer than ever before. My ability to interact with others and influence positive
change will undoubtedly improve your HR outcomes. This all about you.. it should be about them. What do
you like about the company? Make a personal connection and show them you are good fit with their
Allow me to thank you for taking the time to read through my application. Please note that I am available for
interviews anytime and would be delighted to commence working with your team anytime soon. Should you
require any additional information to facilitate the processing of my application, please feel free to contact me
via… or…. Voice

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