Alabama A&M University Applies Statistics Project

By this time you should be a statistics expert! It is now time to put your new found skills to the test by setting up a research project plan.  Remember, when you chose the best employee for the job during our class activity? Which employee will you be? It is time to see if you are the employee for the task. Below are your directions based on the statistical skills that you have learned this semester. Following all directions to successfully complete the project task. This project will be completed as a PowerPoint presentation 10-12 slides. Be creative by using pictures and other creative ideas to present your research project plan.

For this project, complete the following step below:

1. Create a research question with one independent variable and one dependent variable (i.e. Does time of day have a significant impact on academic performance. *Note: you cannot use this example as your variables.

2. Identify the IV and the DV of your research question. (i.e. Time of day (IV) and academic performance (DV).

3. Review and select a research design from the following: Descriptive (describes), Experimental (cause & effect), or Correlation (relationship/association).

4. Define and explain the purpose of your chosen research design. Briefly explain how this design will purposeful to your research question.

5. Provide 3 methods on how you will measure your variables (review your data collection options that we discussed at the beginning of the semester. Here are a few hints a test, survey, treatment condition, etc. *Keep in mind that these task will be based on the type of research design you have chosen.

6. Create a “Raw Data Distribution Chart” of 50 participants scores. You may choose ANY numerical values that you would like (any variety of values 20 or higher) as long as you have 50 values in total. You will not submit the raw data chart; instead, you will create a frequency table for your data.

7. Run a “t-Test” by compute your data in the statistical software by following the directions provided:

You will run your analysis and interpret your results. COMPUTE YOUR DATA USING the link for Vassar Stats to run the analysis on your data

VASSAR STATS Instructions:

Add your raw scores in the database. Place 25 scores in Sample A column group 1 then 25 scores in Sample B column group 2.

Click “Calculate” and carefully review the details of your results to see whether your independent variable had a significant effect on your dependent variable.

SCREENSHOT YOUR RESULTS & SUBMIT THE FILE and submit with your PPT presentation of your project.  DO NOT WORRY about making sense of the chart. Simply find the area where it says “There is or there no significant difference between the variables.

8. Provide a written conclusion based on your statistical results: i.e. “The results have indicated that time of day has a significant impact (difference, or correlation-this is depending upon your chosen research design) on academic performance.

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