Essay #1
Please write a three to four page, double-spaced (with one inch margins) essay on one of the 
following themes. Please use Times New Roman 12pt font, and do not include a separate title 
page. Instead, simply include the following in the upper left hand corner of the first page: your 
name, my name, the course number, and the date on separate lines, double-spacing between the 
lines. Double-space again and center the 
of your essay. Do not underline or italicize your 
title, and 
your pages. If you have any questions, or would like me to look at an early 
draft of your essay, either stop by during office hours or email me by Tuesday, 10/16. Essays 
must be submitted to Canvas by midnight on Thursday, 10/18. Please note that this is not the due 
date listed on the syllabus. See the syllabus for the course policy on late papers.
1. How does Mary Rowlandson craft her experiences as an Indian captive to show that she is one 
of God’s elect? More broadly, how does she portray the superiority of the Puritans over all other 
social groups and lifeways? 

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