AMU W8 Socrates Moral Obligation of Stay in Prison and Social Contract Discussion

respond back to these two responses:This week I decided to evaluate the reason why Socrates decided not to escape jail with his opportunities was he believed strongly in his philosophy. If he had escaped he felt that he was abandoning exactly what he believed in. He felt as that he needed to create that moral obligation to society and escaping prison was completely against that. Another thing was he still even felt obligated to remain in Athens even though he was offered the opportunity to leave. He also felt that since he broke the law he was to remain in jail and stay with the punishment he would receive due to the social contract that he strongly believed in. Second response:There were many reasons for why Socrates does not escape jail even though he had the ability to. One of the reasons to not escape is because escaping would mean admitting fault and since Socrates was not guilty he was going to fulfill his sentencing. Another reason Socrates does not escape is because of the Social Contract similar to the one said by Thomas Hobbs. This social contract essentially said that it is an unsigned agreement between people and their government. Socrates further explains that it is the laws that made it possible for him to be born and live a good and educated life. People are able to move as they please and if they stay in a place then they are agreeing to follow the rules. Because of this way of thinking, Socrates knows it would be hypocritical of him to avoid a punishment given by the “law.” Since he is a citizen then he must abide by the rules.

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