ANC Sociology Racial and Ethnic Categories of The US Population Discussion

answer main question : Why do various racial and ethnic categories of the U.S. population have different social standing? Why do some categories surpass the national average in income, while others do not? Consider both structural-functional (cultural) and social-conflict (power) explanations.answer 2 responses Comment one that you have to respond to: The United States has many racial, ethnic, and cultural differences and it has caused some problems. In the past, racial discrimination had been one of the biggest problems and despite the many struggles, there is still inequality because power and wealth have been in the hands of whites since the United States was formed.  “The political and economic institutions of the society are structured and operate to systematically disadvantage working-class people in general, and ethnic minorities in particular, and to systematically advantage a relatively small and largely white upper elite class, and a rather substantial and predominantly white upper-middle-class… the opportunities to succeed in life are unequally distributed along with class and racial lines, and that society’s institutions produce and perpetuate this class/race hierarchy. The discussion of race focuses primarily on African Americans and Hispanics, both of whom have been systematically disadvantaged on account of ethnicity.” comment 2 that you have to respond to:

Structural functionalism suggests that society is made up of complex parts that work together to promote solidarity and stability. US society is highly divided into the majority white and the minority people of color. Society is driven by the culture of European Americans while it also tries to suppress other cultures. So, the society is structured in a way where the white people get the top-notch provisions while the others get whatever is leftover. They are also forced to abide by the rules and regulations set by the majority white on cultural heritage and lifestyle.

Conflict theory suggests that the society is in a perpetual conflict for the limited resources available where social order is maintained through dominance and not through consensus. While the majority race has the accumulated advantage in education, employment, property, housing, medicine, and political participation, the minorities have the same amount of disadvantage in those areas. Thus, minority people struggle hard to make both ends meet, while the majority has excessive income or the average national income. This inequality is maintained through policies and laws that lead to institutional racism.

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