Arizona State University Evaluating Research Methods Questionnaire

Theoretical Orientation What is the research question/topic?What sociological theory is presented or assumed?What theory about the research topic is presented or assumed?What are the hypotheses?Why is the research important to the community of researchers? To the public?

  • Research Methods
  • Describe the dependent, independent and intervening or control variables studied.
  • How are these variables defined and
  • How are they operationalized (turned in to measurable observations)?
  • What research population is studied?
  • What is the sampling frame?
  • What is the unit of analysis?
  • What was the sampling procedure used (e.g. Simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, etc.)?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this sampling procedure?
  • Discuss the sample size, demographic characteristics, representativeness and any potential for error you notice.
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