Asbestos Containing Material and Construction Workers Dangers Discussion

For items 1-3, write at least 100 words each. For item 4, your comment/reply to a classmate will be separate, write at least 50 words total to one or more classmates (remember to be thoughtful, positive, and constructive).

Note: Do NOT copy and paste. It is considered plagiarism. Use your own words. Cite your sources.

DB Topics:

1. 1. From Asbestos EnvR presentation: What is considered an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) by EPA? Select one of the Asbestos removal/Abatement methods and provide a detailed explanation. You may have to do additional research.

2. From Pb Hazards and Abatement presentation: Describe some of the common concerns for Lead abatement operations. Select one of the Lead removal/Abatement methods and provide a detailed explanation.

3. From IAQ Demolition Hazards and Mold presentation and supplemental materials: Discuss some of the unique IAQ concerns during demolition and Mold Remediation projects. Describe some of the protective measures required during mold remediation projects. You may have to do additional research.

4. Peer review. Comment to at least one classmate’s post. With professional courtesy, provide additional analysis, constructive criticism, and additional facts and solutions. I want to see a paragraph of 50 words or more. (Note the word counter in the lower right corner of your posting window).

NOTE: Cite the sources you use for your discussion board posts either at the end of each item or at the end of your post.

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