Ashford University Physiological Psychology in My Life Essay

Behavioral Changes in Human Development (topic for powerpoint)

For this project, you will be bringing together the ideas to provide a biopsychological assessment of behavior that is relevant in your life.

In this final project, you will analyze the biopsychology of a cognitive or behavioral process, relevant to your personal or professional goals, and provide research-informed recommendations for improvements in performance, personal outcomes, or wellbeing. To do this, you will identify specific areas of the brain that are involved in the process and the neurotransmitters that communicate between these areas and integrate research into a recommendation informed by biopsychology.

You will be analyzing a problem or interest involving a cognitive process or behavior that is of interest to you.

Part 1: Analysis

  • Identify the behavior and its connection to physiological psychology by including historical and current approaches to researching or modifying the behavior.
  • Explain the neuroanatomical pathways and functions involved in the process, including specific areas of the brain, receptors, and neurotransmitters.
  • Present peer-reviewed research related to the biopsychology of the process or problem.
  • Integrate research into a recommendation that addresses the identified problem or interest.
  • Review ethical considerations and research limitations on biopsychological processes that would affect implementing any recommendations, focusing on the impact on individuals who may be neurodivergent or who may face mental health challenges.

Part 2: Option 2: Create a Presentation

  • First, create a visual presentation using tools such as PowerPoint, and How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation. Many of these sites enable you to create public files, so be mindful of the specific information you choose to communicate.
  • Second, write a script using Microsoft Word of what you will record for each slide of your presentation.
  • You will submit the presentation with speaker’s notes, a title slide, and a reference page slide.

For your final project,

    If submitting a PowerPoint presentation,Must be seven to 10 slides in length (not including title and references slides) and formatted according to APA Style Your presentation must have 100 words minimum as the speaker’s notes per slide.Must include a separate title slide with the following:Title of the final project in bold fontStudent’s nameName of institution (The University of Arizona Global Campus)Course name and numberInstructor’s nameDue dateMust utilize academic voice. Must use at least four peer-reviewed sources in addition to the course text.Create a separate references slide that is formatted according to APA Style
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