Ashford University Social Worker and Client Script Essay

YOU write a short skit/script between a social worker and client regarding the case below. A script is like play, you should have lines for both the social worker and the client on the script conversing…just l like a real conversation.


Shondra is a 21-year-old, African American business major at a large university. Over the past few weeks, her family and friends have noticed increasingly bizarre behaviors. On many occasions, they’ve overheard her whispering in an agitated voice, even though there is no one nearby. Lately, she has complained of heart palpitations, profuse sweating, insomnia, and has angry outbursts. She has stopped attending classes altogether. She is now so far behind in her coursework that she will fail if something doesn’t change very soon. She lives at home and her parents have brought her for counseling.


  1. Consider how will you demonstrate empathy and other interpersonal skills while you develop a mutually agreed-on focus of work and desired outcomes?Decide how you will collect a baseline of the problem (you will use this later to measure progress)? You can use the website Online Assessment Measures to search for measures that apply to your scenario.Consider how you can move beyond tension points to accomplish the effective engagement of the client?Explore the technological tools that may be used in the clinical setting and the methods required to keep records secure. How will you keep the records of your client secure and private, especially if you two agree to communicate via email, cell phone, video chat, or some other method? What factors do you need to consider?
  2. Remember that the client is unsure about how coming to these sessions will help his/her situation. As the social worker in the role-play, be sure to cover the following:Demonstrate the use of relational therapy in engaging with the client.Convey to the client how you will collect baseline data to help you both evaluate the interventions with this client. What tools do you plan to use? Keep in mind that in order to know if a treatment or intervention is effective, some kind of clinical measurement needs to be done.Discuss with the client the technology that you will use in your work together and how you will maintain his/her confidentiality and information. Ensure that you are competent in managing these technologies.
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