Primary Task Response:
Please provide a detailed response to the below to include specific details and examples.
Hashing should not be confused with the previous forms of encryption that we have discussed. Although they share similarities, there are many differences. Please discuss both the similarities and differences between the previous encryption(Caesar Cipher, Vigenere Cipher) methods we have discussed and hashing. In addition, what is a message digest and what would we use it for? 

Peer Response(s):  Read the responses from your peers and offer a constructive critique or additional information that adds substantively to the discussions.  Remember, a response that simply states that their post was good or that you liked it is not considered substantive.  You should contribute to the learning via your posts and responses.  Be sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use.

Please make sure that you post a SUBSTANTIVE response to your peer’s post.  This means, it MUST add more information such as sharing experiences, additional research, or perspectives.

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