AT Still University Descartes Hume and Fanon Discussion

1. Suppose that you were created this morning. Imagine that all of your cognitive capacities areintact, but since you are newly created, you have very little experience of the world. According
to Descartes and Hume, what (if any) knowledge could you have of the world? What
argument(s) do they offer in support of their position? Do you agree/disagree with either or both
of them? Explain your reasons.
2. Is the self real or is it a fiction? How does it come into being? Discuss how Dennett and
Fanon would respond to these questions, and then offer your own response. Do you
agree/disagree with either or both of them? Explain your reasons.
3. Imagine that virtual reality equipment eventually becomes so sophisticated that it can simulate
sound, smell, taste, and touch as well as sight when you are wearing it. Imagine, too, that the
programming becomes so elaborate that you can have week-long virtual reality experiences, not
just brief encounters. Under those circumstances, would you be willing to give up real-world
interactions and engage only with virtual reality fantasies? Why or why not? Remember:
everything we know about the world comes originally through our senses. Or does it? Explain
your answer, with reference to Descartes.

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