AUST COVID from a Social and Medical Viewpoint Paper

Assignment: Sociological Application

Part Two

Due: 11:55 pm ET Sunday Week 7


One of the most important things we can do in this course distinguishes between the sociological viewpoint toward health and illness and strictly clinical or medical viewpoints toward health and illness. For example, we must understand how sociology incorporates issues of race, class, gender, language, and so forth into the analysis of health and illness outcomes in society. This is a continuation of Assignment one. For this Assignment, based on the first Assignment, you will compare and contrast the medical and social viewpoint of COVID-19.


Construct a 3 page paper that compares and contrasts the medical and social viewpoints you identified in Assignment one.

  • Compare and contrast the two viewpoints (medical and social) concerning COVID-19 you identified in Assignment one and discuss how each view impacts mortality. It is a good idea to include not only mortality rates but also sources to validate your arguments.
  • Be sure to include and apply at least two social concepts and one social theory learned from the course. Do not apply the same concepts or theories you used for Part One.
  • Include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles no more than five years old (none that are provided in class) to support your explanation of how the sociological viewpoint applies to this health issue. Do not use the same journal articles you used for Part One.
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