Azusa Pacific University Calculate the Z Test Statistics Worksheet

Short Answer: Please make sure to use complete sentences and answer all parts of the question.For some questions, it might be appropriate to use other answer formats, such as tables, graphs,
charts, etc. To help clarify your answers, Put answers into YOUR OWN WORDS.
1. According to Heiman (2015), what are the steps involved in performing a z-test?
2. What is the difference between a significant difference and a non-significant difference?
When can we make conclusions about the impact of an independent variable? Why?
3. How do you determine when to do a one-tail or two tail test? Which test is more
“powerful”, from a statistical standpoint? Why?
4. What are the differences between a Type 1 and Type 2 error in research? Which error are
we more concerned with?
Computational: Make sure to attach scrap paper showing all the calculations (i.e., your “work”)
for all mathematical procedures. Students will receive half-credit if they do not include scrap
Scenario: Your friend is an Applied Mathematics major and you believe that students who have
this major have lower social skills than other college students. You get a nationally normed
social skills scale ( =15.00= x = 7.00) and get 100 Applied Mathematics majors to
complete it. You obtain the following, M = 13.24, SD = 6.35. Test whether Applied
Mathematics majors have lower social skills than other adults.
1. What are the hypotheses for this study?
a. Ho :
b. Null hypothesis
c. Ha :
d. Alternative hypothesis
2. Calculate the following:
b. zobt
3. Should you reject or retain the null hypothesis? Is the test significant or not? Conclusion?

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