Barstow Community College Human Sexuality Discussion

Answer this question atleast paragraph or two with 2 responses to the below students.

Women collectively appear to have a greater capacity for orgasm, to experience orgasm from a wider range of stimulation, and to have more problems experiencing orgasm than men. To what factors do you contribute this greater variation in female orgasmic response patterns? Cite if necessary but think critically. Please respond to two students.


please respond to this post:

Elizabeth Lorah

Professor Addison

Psych 11

In females, direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris plays a central role in reaching orgasm. A majority of women report that penetrative coitus alone is insufficient for triggering orgasm, puzzling researchers who expect orgasm to be an outcome of procreative intercourse. Our attention to the evolutionary role that such unreliability of orgasm at coitus might have played in human evolution. We emphasize that we do not thereby attempt an explanation of it’s origin, but it’s potential evolutionary effect. The present proposal suggests that the variable female orgasm, the position of the clitoris remote from the vagina, and the mismatch of the male refractory period with the female capacity for multiple orgasms may have contributed to the evolution of human prosocial qualities.


Please respond to this post as well

LaRay GoffManage Discussion Entry

Orgasms are intense feelings of release during sexual stimulation. Orgasms vary in intensity, duration, and frequency that occur with little sexual stimulation, but sometimes much more stimulation can be needed to reach this stage during sex directly or indirectly. Women can have an orgasm by stimulating different parts of their bodies suck as their breast, neck, and even feet. I believe this is because women are easily stimulated by touch and vibrations although this will vary amongst women. Men orgasm maybe twice from my experience I experienced this with my husband and from what I saw it drains all the energy from them unlike women men will not be ready for sex again immediately.

Not all women are able to have an orgasm because many women have other contributors such as age, medical conditions, medications, past trauma, or lack of interest in their partner of a combination of things.

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