Victorians Secret is a famous company of lingerie and beauty products, which was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond n Ohio, United States. The company’s slogan is the sale Of beauty, being sexy, fabulous and perfect. Since 1995, in the last weeks of November the company Victorians Secret presents the Victorians Secret Fashion Show in which it presents the new collections for the year. Famous singers will attend this show as well as the supermodels of the company, who are called Angels. Victorians Secret Angels are selected supermodels for the company’s campaigns.
All angels are extremely beautiful and fit a mannequin size 36. In November 2014, in GLAMOUR magazine showed that Victorians Secret munched the newest bra campaign “Body by Victoria Secret” the advertising picture has 10 of the most beautiful Angels models, including models with blonde, brunette and black hair. All Angels are using the new collection of lingerie with possession, confidence and sexy poses. The slogan in the picture is the “Perfect Body. Perfect Fit. Perfect Comfort. Perfectly SOFT. ” In addiction at the end has “Explore the Collection” followed with the names of the new ten types of bras.
GLAMOUR is a women’s magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, relationship, sex, lifestyle and services. The magazine targets women teen the ages of 18 and 40, both single and married. These women may be at any stage of their lives, such as going to college, working in jobs full time or part time, caring for a family. Health and fitness, in search of beauty and well-being are also involved. The target audience is women who are focused itself, and on the world, blobs and internet. These tend to speak of the hottest issues and show all the new trends emerging for the female consumer.

The primary ads are new patterns and fashions that come soon. The Perfect Body is a new line of bra Victorians Secret afford to its customers in a huge variety: Rasa and push-up, perfect shape, new perfect comfort deem push up, and others. The variety that most consumers appreciate is the opportunity to choose the best type of bras that fit them. Another purpose of this campaign is that with new bras Victorians Secret you get “The Perfect Body’, Perfect Fit, perfect Comfort and Perfectly Soft. ” In reality does everything come together with just a bra?
How not to buy? The advertisement for this seems a little be promising with all this perfection in just a bra, we can see clearly the marketing game in the advertisement. The word “perfect” is ones of racketing games that misleads consumers, and make them purchase the product in search of the perfect. Because consumers are always seeking the best and perfect, and this propaganda ends up attracting them. For example, this new collection of the bra names is the “PERFECT SHAPE”; can you have the perfect shape with this new bra?
Does “perfect” by Victorians Secret is perfect? It is one of the facts that everyone would have to examine in advertisements. Another word used in advertising is “NEW. ” Why does everyone want what is new? Just because it is new, is it means better? We now that many times what is new is not better than old, but we live in a consumer’s world. We just want what is new, just to keep with the developments and commercial growth. Another type of marketing used to attract consumers are the BEA dutiful models that are confirming the proposal of the campaign.
All of them are posing and showing confidence, resourcefulness, and are still being sexy and powerful with panties and bras. What looks interesting in the first time, but which captures the majority of consumers. Who does not Want to feel confident and powerful using only panties and bra? I think that everyone wants to feel good wearing only panties and bras because it is virtually impossible. That is what the companies like Victorians Secret presents and convinces consumers, using in advertising to reach consumers and have succeed in their new collections.
Victorians Secret does not just sell lingerie and beauty products it sells sensuality set, power and the female’s fabulous side. In the new campaign “Body by Victorians Secrets”, 10 angels are positioned as a front line ready for battle, as an army battalion ready to fight. However, battle in this direction is different; he battle is against the consumer. They are showing that this is the body of Victorians Secretes, perfect and ready. When you look yourself and see the new collection and the Angels, you already feel lost and out Of context, and see the need for the new product.
This is how propaganda “Body by Victorians Secret” appeal to the emotional side of marketing, showing that with the new products you can purchase the “Perfect Body. ” Another way that advertising eludes the side emotionally are the features that the models are shown. The Angels are pictured are sexy, confident, uninhibited and happy. Something that appeals to the popular side, people living standards indicated by the media, and to see an advertisement like this in GLAMOUR magazine very consumers believe this is the key to all problems. Furthermore, these advertisements often end up backfiring on a population.
Advertisements as this “The Perfect Body” causes many consumers to rebel by not fit the pattern that company shows. Victorians Secret shows a variety of ethnicity in the photo templates, but has not done the same in the body shapes. This makes many consumers give up the product and even the company. The emotional did ‘Body by Victorians Secret” can take depends on the consumer, and the success of this new collection can be committed only for fit in Angels’ size by Victorians Secret. Victorians Secret Angels use their campaigns to attract attention and consumers.
The Angels of Victorians Secret are the top models in the fashion world, as Giggles Bunched, the Brazilian model that is one of the top on the fashion world and well paid, was an Angel. The benefit and aim to have them as Angels is very marketing. Because having the best models in the world fashion wearing Victorians Secrets products, not only attracts nonusers, but also magazines, reports and all media. It is a fact that some consumers will only purchase the products Victorians Secret, because they are the top models in the fashion world.
In addition, many news companies will only show advertisements for having the hottest Angels. Victorians Secret is a company that sells dreams and achievements, where the products promise to transform the buyer on being sexy, fabulous, charming and perfect. One of the companies is liable to generalize, by imposing a standard of beauty. The advertisement “Body by Victorians Secret” with the slogan “The Perfect Body” s one of the advertisements that would never come through the media. I wonder what the company Victorians Secret wins to continue with advertisements and campaigns that link to a “perfect model”.
Of course it has its consumers “perfect model”, which still make a profit. In a developing world in which we live, we must take action against companies imply that standard, a standard that does not involve half the world’s population. We all should stop dreaming about the promises that Victorians Secrets presents. Each has its life; each has its shape, size, color, and so on. Everything is different; we deed to have something perfect to follow? Who said that the perfect is The Perfect by Victorians Secret?

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