BHS Communications Propose CreativiTea Company Essay

    1. Week 10 Assignment – Business Plan–FinalOverviewAt this point in the course, you have completed all the necessary sections of your business plan. Your task in this assignment is to create the final version of your plan. You will include all the previous assignments you have been working on and attach the financials.The key to this assignment is to use the feedback you have received throughout the course to polish your plan to the point that you could confidently show it to investors and potential partners or customers. One new piece you will be including is a 1–2 page executive summary.This assignment consists of two parts:Your final business plan (an MS Word document).Your final business plan financials (using the Business Plan Financials Excel Template).To successfully complete this assignment, you must attach both documents to the submission area as separate files and then click Submit.Reminders and NotesYour company, whether a startup company of your choosing or based on the snack food company scenario, will operate in a 100-mile radius from your home address. Your goal is to reach $1 million in sales by the end of the second year.Be sure to follow the guidelines, whether you chose the snack food company scenario or the company of your choice:Snack Food Company Guidelines [PDF].Company of Your Choice Guidelines [PDF].Part 1: Business Plan—FinalNotesThe executive summary is a critical aspect of this assignment. Your ability to condense and highlight critical information about your chosen company to investors will determine whether they decide to invest in you and your company or not.Chapter 4, “The Executive Summary,” pages 53–66, provides information about writing the executive summary. You may write either a synopsis or a narrative summary. Pay particular attention to the following:Executive Summary Plan Preparation Forms on pages 58–61.Sample Plans on pages 62–66.InstructionsIn MS Word, construct a 10–20 page business plan in which you:Write a 1–2 page executive summary highlighting key aspects of each section of the business plan.Incorporate feedback to produce a comprehensive business plan for the product or business. Specifically, you will be combining all of the previous assignments and revising them to build your business plan:Week 3 Assignment: Company Overview and SWOT Matrix.Be sure to include all the headings from the assignment.Week 5 Assignment: Marketing Plan and Budget.Be sure to include all the headings from the assignment; the budget part of this assignment will be addressed in Section 2.Week 8 Assignment: Operations, Technology, Management and Organization, and Social Responsibility Plan (With Financials).Be sure to include all the headings from this assignment; the financials part of this assignment will be addressed in Part 2.The written section of the financials from the Week 8 discussion thread.Be sure to include any financial information that will help to convince the investors.FormattingFormat your assignment according to these requirements:This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.Typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.You must include headings in your paper for each major topic.Include a cover page containing the assignment title, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.Include a source list page. All sources used must be listed in the source list page and have a corresponding in-text citation. Citations and references must follow SWS format. The source list page is not included in the required page length.There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in this assignment.Part 2: Business Plan Financials—FinalUsing the Business Plan Financials Excel Template, incorporate feedback from previous submissions to produce a comprehensive set of business plan financials the business’s first two years.Be sure to refer to the appropriate guidelines for valuable information about how to complete the business plan financials section of your assignment:Snack Food Company Guidelines [PDF].Company of Your Choice Guidelines [PDF].Specifically, you will want review and make sure you’ve thoroughly incorporated feedback you received from:Weeks 7 and 8 discussion threads.Part 2 of the Operations, Technology, Management and Organization, and Social Responsibility Plan (With Financials).Learning OutcomesThe specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Construct a business plan with an executive summary that justifies a clear concept, a management structure, a market need, competitive advantages, and financial projections.
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    Assignment 3 Part 1: Operation, Technology, and Management Plan
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    Executive Summary
    A non-Alcoholic Beverage Company known as CreativiTea Company was created to meet the
    needs of its clients. With its casual and welcoming ambiance, the company is currently known for
    facilitating clients to make their personalized tea blends. An operation, technology, management,
    structure, and plans for ethics and social responsibility are all necessary for a medium-sized
    company. The organization’s service delivery, regulatory compliance, and commercial operations
    will all benefit from these initiatives. As a result, this assignment will recommend how
    CreativiTea will meet these needs. The recommendations follow the executive summary in the
    second section of the study. As part of Section 1, the paper will evaluate several aspects of
    operations and management in addition to ethics and social responsibility. Chapter 2 delves into
    the forecasted financial accounts necessary to run the company.
    Assignment 3 Part 1: Operation, Technology, and Management Plan
    creativity is a tea business that allows customers to create their own bespoke blends.
    Customers can choose from various tea leaves, herbs, and flavors to make their own unique
    concoctions. Consumers can order tea blends from CreativiTea and ship them directly to their
    homes. Customers have the option of having a personal message or company logo printed on the
    package. CreativiTea mixtures are also great presents for friends and family. Using social media,
    CreativiTea aims to develop a community of tea connoisseurs who share a passion for the
    beverage and learn from each other.
    Operations Plan
    Operational Location
    The Most Excellent The owner of CreativiTea will have to rent a 950-square-foot
    company building in Missoula, Montana. There will be a single storefront for CreativiTea at
    Southgate Mall. New tea types and mixes are being tested on this site, and customer input is
    collected in real-time to help the company improve online sales. Using touch displays in the retail
    store, customers will order blends in the same way they can do on the internet.
    Operations Strategies
    The Production Methods
    To begin, we will manufacture all of our items in-house for retail and online sales. In year
    two, we intend to shift to a 10,000-square-foot warehouse. We worked 18 hours every day at the
    retail store in the first year. Even on slow days, we want our staff to complete online orders. Labor
    costs accounted for 18.8 percent of total warehouse sales.
    Daily operations
    We will employ five hourly employees as a start-up, including a store manager, a chief
    information officer, and two co-founders. Hourly personnel at the mall will work six-hour shifts
    every day, for a total of 21 shifts per week. Additionally, the two co-founders will work ten hours
    per day and will be available on weekends in addition to our regular team. Neither the chief
    information officer nor the store manager will be compensated per diem.
    Rishi, Maya Tea, Empire Tea Services, Teaguys, and Starwest Botanical are just a few
    popular wholesale tea providers in the United States. Tea dealers collaborate with various vendors
    to stay current on tea pricing and quality. They purchase from several vendors in order to
    minimize their risk exposure.
    The company will begin by collaborating with three distinct vendors of tea and tea-related
    products. We will have two new vendors on board within two months. During the first six months
    of operation, the search for the five most dependable suppliers will continue. The wholesale price
    of tea varies significantly according to its quality, uniqueness, and other characteristics. Between
    $10 and $15 a pound, some decent-quality teas are available.
    Section B: Technological Plans
    The success of an organization is contingent upon its capacity to reduce costs and boost
    efficiency through the use of technology. CreativiTea’s business plan will be built over three
    years and revised when new technology becomes available. Both people and resources will be
    easier to manage due to digital technology. According to Panigrahi et al. (2021), inventory
    management can be streamlined through technology.
    Creativity is in great need of technology. The company’s activities will incorporate
    cutting-edge technology. For example, the firm will use computer programs rather than manual
    effort to verify blending, graphic design, and packaging. The company offers presentation
    programming and machinery for attaching names to beverage bottles.
    The company will use two PCs to operate production and store organizational data and
    information when it comes to hardware needs. The company will install accounting
    programming, inventory management, and a database system to increase its business processes’
    efficiency. In an effort to enhance sales, Healthy Shakes will create an online store where clients
    can place orders and have them delivered to their favorite locations.
    Employees and clients will access the company via email and online chat. By allowing
    clients to place orders online, Healthy Shakes will reach a broader audience. To foster creativity
    and innovation, it is necessary to leverage digital technologies. Peters et al. (2020) advise staff to
    develop a teamwork approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas for improving
    The planned development is divided into two stages. The retail and website companies
    will be launched in the first year, respectively. With a more aggressive marketing strategy and
    infrastructure expansion in place, the company will be ready for the next growth phase (years 25).
    stage one-Development Timeline
    Stage 2- High-Growth – Development Timeline
    Management and Organization Plan
    Three essential management specialists will ensure the company’s flawless operation; one
    of them will be its top financial specialist and chief advertisement. Two years are required to
    achieve the company’s goal of becoming a $60 million enterprise. The other employee will
    assume the role of CEO and will be responsible for the company’s growth, which will require
    them to act as a negotiator, leader, liaison, communicator, and figurehead. Additionally,
    management must excite employees with a long-term vision for the company. The manager must
    be an effective negotiator in order to efficiently deal with competitors, suppliers, employees, and
    contractors as the business grows or develops. The primary job is to act as a link between clients
    and the rest of the organization.
    Part-time worker
    Marketing personnel
    As a start-up, the company has a restricted budget, but additional staff will be hired as the
    business expands. As the corporation grows, it is expected that commercial operations will
    expand. Currently, the organization is functioning on a restricted budget. To ensure that
    everything runs appropriately on the technical side of things, the other staff member is an officer
    in charge of technology. In order to begin, the CEO and technical professionals must work
    together to develop the company’s technical strategy. Objectives are usually identified, the risk is
    assessed, and possible solutions are discussed. For example, a technical officer’s role is to help
    recruit and retain employees, improve production techniques, and advocate for creative ideas and
    high productivity.
    Ethical and Social Responsibilities
    According to Serrano Archimi et al,(2018), every firm must have an ethical and social
    responsibility policy in place. Integrating an ethics strategy into a business’s strategic plan
    ensures that the company upholds ethical standards while achieving long-term objectives. This
    section details CreativiTea’s ethical and social responsibility plan. This proposed ethical
    strategy, which will be adopted, will specify the integration of company culture and the breadth
    and extent of unit obligations. As a strategy for promoting ethically sound business practices and
    operations, the newly formed technique will also define the company’s corporate social
    responsibility plan’s bounds. The company will consider the interests and priorities of its
    stakeholders as it develops this plan. The organization’s management will know how CSR
    strategy and ethical behavior are connected. The organization can handle a range of social and
    moral issues in various ways. Ethics and CSR strategy should include qualities that enable the
    business to address a range of ethical and social responsibility challenges simultaneously.
    CreativiTea’s CSR strategy
    The company seeks to assist ethical vending and business practices in a variety of ways,
    including the following:
    It will begin by participating in a local waste recycling program and philanthropic
    groups that assist people in need, including veterans, after-school programs, and the homeless.
    As a result, the business will continue promoting ecotourism and partnering with suppliers who
    share our commercial and social responsibility objectives.
    The company will only use organic material that the United States Department
    has approved of Agriculture in order to minimize the environmental impact of our beverage
    production operations.
    It will also recycle all workplace and kitchen waste and carry our items using
    hybrid and electric vehicles. Additionally, its staff will devote one day per month to charity
    Financial Plan
    CreativiTea hopes to raise $250,000 in a Series A round of funding. Creativity will stay
    in the black for the first year of business thanks to this and an additional $50,000 from the
    company’s founders, family, and friends. Upon completion of the Series A round, the postmoney valuation of CreativiTea will be $270,000.
    A Series B Round is expected to raise an additional $ 2 million in year two. Thus, an
    extensive sales and marketing effort may be launched, and the necessary infrastructure for
    further sales growth can be established.
    Creativity will have a post-money valuation after the Series A round of $500,000.
    Sources of Funds
    Uses of Funds
    Founders, Family,
    Series A Round Investor
    Leasehold Improvements
    Working Capital/Contingencies
    $ 250,000
    A fifth-year forecast shows that CreativiTea’s revenue would reach $30 million, and
    EBIT will reach $2 million. The company is now worth $60 million (30x EBIT or 2x Revenues).
    As a result of Series B’s dilution, investors from the Series A round will own a 15% interest in
    the company, worth $9 million. An investment of $270,000 at this final price equates to a 36X
    return on investment.
    Panigrahi, R. R., Jena, D., Tandon, D., Meher, J. R., Mishra, P. C., & Sahoo, A. (2021).
    Inventory management and performance of manufacturing firms. International Journal of
    Value Chain Management, 12(2), 149-170.
    Peters, S. E., Nielsen, K. M., Nagler, E. M., Revette, A. C., Madden, J., & Sorensen, G. (2020).
    Ensuring organization-intervention fit for a participatory organizational intervention to
    improve food service workers’ health and wellbeing: Workplace organizational health
    study. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 62(2), e33-e45.
    Serrano Archimi, C., Reynaud, E., Yasin, H. M., & Bhatti, Z. A. (2018). How perceived
    corporate social responsibility affects employee cynicism: The mediating role of
    organizational trust. Journal of Business Ethics, 151(4), 907-921.

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