Broward Community College Psychology Discussion

UNIT 4 DISCUSSIONAfter completing the readings in Unit 4 and further researching
the topic, post a two-paragraph response to the following:
Think about your own adolescent years.

How would you describe your self-esteem and sense of identity
during adolescence, and how did it evolve?

What sociocultural influences played a role in your identity
formation? How did your relationship with your parent(s)
influence your identity development?
Please make sure that your discussion comments abide by the
Netiquette policy outlined in the syllabus.
Pretend that you are a psychologist who is meeting with a client
concerned about her 14-year-old. Your client tells you that she
is not sure what to expect, now that her child is becoming a
teenager. She asks you, “What is going to happen to my child
biologically, psychologically, and socially over the next few
years?” She also wants to know how she can build a strong
relationship with her teenage child and better cope during these
many developments.
Write a 2-3 page paper addressing your client’s questions and
concerns. Be sure to cite the unit readings and/or outside
sources to support your facts and statements. Include both intext citations and a reference page, in APA format.

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