BSAD 300 Syracuse University Communications Case Study

Answer the case questions first and then do the assessment towards the end. Use the template as a guide. In addition you do not have to the the part about the truths.

Part IV Understanding Messages d
(Continued) de sinapt noits
need not bother with their technical expertise.
Others will screen the candidates on that basis.
You should instead focus on the qualifications
they should have to be good intercultural man-
agers and communicators and how the company
should assess those qualifications.
The remaining two pages of the memo should
outline the training program through which the
transferees would go. This program will have
to cover, at a minimum, language training, the
larger cultural variations, nonverbal sensitivity,
managerial philosophies, and organizational cul-
tures in the two countries.
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3100891 Nemur & sis
Project prini
Write a memo that will establish the foundation for
success in this international venture. Your selec-
tion criteria should single out the candidates with
the greatest potential for success. Your training
program should then ensure that they will achieve
insig wen erli silsinl
that success.
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Case 12-4 lenous nepixs srit to exin61 ori
to wiem dari beqor ei fenil noitbubong sit no
Tsunami Relief sutneve lliw erozivisque 929)
A $245 million stretch of blacktop intended to be
the signature goodwill gesture from the U.S.
ple to the Indonesian survivors of the 2004 tsunami
instead became a parable of the problems of Aceh
Province’s recovery.
9dt mott bs115120611
Construction of the 150-mile road along the
devastated coast never started, stalled by a host
of obstacles like acquiring rights of way through
residential areas and farmland and, particularly,
through several hundred graves of mystical and
religious significance.
idph do airls 16)
Though some villagers s welcomed the idea,
some had reservations about a U.S.-style thor-
oughfare with a wide shoulder on either side
that would replace the existing ribbon of mostly
churned dirt and mud. Villagers said they feared
speeding traffic-they threw rocks at fast-traveling
cars of foreign aid workers-and wanted to be
able to sell snacks and tea from stalls snug by the
roadside, as they had always done.
A demonstration outside the main Indonesian
reconstruction agency turned violent when pro-
testers complained that they still lacked basic ser-
vices and demanded more financing for education.
The patience of U.S. officials wore thin, too.
They complained that the government had been too
Islow in buying up the land and resolving the issue
of graves. Finally, the U.S. officials had become so
disconcerted about delays that they had tried to pry
more action from the Indonesians by suggesting
that the money for the road would be diverted to
the reconstruction efforts in Lebanon.
“It was threatened they would take the money
away,” said Kuntoro Mangk Usubroto, the director
of the Indonesian rehabilitation and reconstruc-
tion agency in Aceh. “That’s standard.”ummo
The Indonesians said the United States was
imposing first-world standards of efficiency on
a poor region that was pounded by civil war and
then swamped by the tsunami, which killed more
than 100,000. Records of land titles were washed
away, and questions of inheritance among devas-
tated families take a while to decide what they say.
The idea for the road evolved soon after the
tsunami when the Bush administration wanted to
show that the United States cared about Indonesia,
the world’s most populous Muslim country, in its
moment of need.sni 169w of aboog edi jeg noy
It was decided early on to finance one sub-
stantial project rather than a number of smaller
ones. At first, rebuilding a significant portion of
the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, into a kind of
“signature city” was discussed. Instead, a well-
engineered road from the capital to Meulaboh,
the southernmost coastal town, which was nearly
completely wiped out, was considered a more
fruitful project that played to the U.S. strength
of fast and modern construction. The new road
would connect the poor fishing communities of the
wasted west coast of Aceh to the outside world.
zetunim & sols volnavni dio
heanus we 1993 nido mont qui & bevissen en
1. Identify the cultural values that are clashing
enin in this case. ilegup ton vtwon
2. Which dimensions of cultural differences in
Hofstede’s model are relevant to this case?360
Part V Communicating Interpersonally
agrog glad di
Case 13-1 listong
A Fallen Unicorn: Theranos Leader
Quashed Constructive Confliction
xix Lorell. Ta sood: dood tsenbael camml
As predicted, Theranos was dissolved in 2018.
Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on two counts of
conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts
astion is of wire fraud, charges to which she has pleaded
not guilty. The trial was scheduled to begin in
March 2021. If convicted, Holmes faces a prison
sentence of up to 20 years and fines of almost
nadho diw asidegma
$3 million.40
What if a wide range of laboratory tests could be
performed from a single drop of blood? That is
the premise on which Theranos, a Silicon Valley
startup, was based. Theranos’s founder and CEO,
Elizabeth Holmes, claimed she had developed
technology that would make blood tests not only
convenient but more accurate, faster, and cheaper.
Long waits for crucial test results, misdiagnoses,
and unnecessary treatments would be eliminated.
At its height in 2015, Theranos’s valuation was
$10 billion. A Fortune cover story compared Holmes
to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, other Silicon Valley
entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the blood testing
devices didn’t work.
1. Which of the five conflict management styles
described in this chapter did Elizabeth
Holmes exemplify? What are its strengths?
mogen motib
bener bas
712 (10120
2. As a business communication consultant,
which conflict management strategy would
you recommend that Holmes adopt to handle
employees’ dissent? How could you convince
Holmes to change her style? AMMU2
od to
Holmes was a college dropout with no medi-
cal or scientific training, yet her energetic, con-
fident speaking style inspired others to adopt her
vision. She easily convinced wealthy venture capi-
talists to invest in her company, presenting what
nei noitsinunimosaim samoo8.noipost 191
turned out to be false claims about the system.
Case 13-21 ano ei noussinummos iausganem
Internally, however, her management style was
Svitounasb 28 IL Too sd nas illino
very different-stiff and aloof. When employees
Conflict and Technology og gnizoqqo silqual
raised doubts about the technology’s efficacy, Conflict and
she quickly squashed the objections, firing even Janna White sat in her office, perplexed. Two days
high-level executives. As early as 2006, she fired previously, she had been given responsibility to
her CFO, Henry Mosely, for questioning the proto- lead a team on a project that would have a sig-
type’s faked demonstrations. “We’ve been foolingnificant impact on the investment decision under
investors,” he said. “We can’t keep doing that.” il consideration at PlexiWarm Corporation. The deci-
Holmes replied, “Henry, you’re not a team player.ension involved an expansion of the firm’s product
I think you should leave right now.”38 rh
Rapid turnover created a chaotic work envi-
ronment, and employees quickly learned not too
challenge anyone. When Diana Dupuy, a state-
certified lab technologist, reported procedural
violations to her supervisor, she was summarily
fired. In an angry e-mail to Holmes, she argued,
“You have created a work environment where
people hide things from you out of fear. You can-
not run a company through fear and intimidation
it will only work for a period of time before it
lines to include high-density spray foam insulation
(the firm currently produces rigid foam insulation
panels). Janna had scheduled the first team meet-
ing for this afternoon and was looking forward
to working on such a significant project. She had
just opened her e-mail to find a stream of confus-
ing communications from two team members.
Apparently, the two had been exchanging e-mail
and text messages in such rapid succession that
the replies had become very disjointed. The final
tallmessages had come about an hour earlier; both
002sitiviDelo san
parties had basically concluded that they simply
lol bow do
aluam asa nolu
What are some policies and procedures
you would introduce to help change the gen
20200 company’s reaction to conflict? i

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