BUSI 345 Capella University Leadership Theory and Practices Discussion

Read the posts of your peers and post scholarly responses to the initial posts of two other learners. Do you agree or disagree with the ideas in each post? Include text concepts, relevant research, and professional or practical experiences to support your responses.

Student post down below:

In the Riverbend City scenario, Arthur Wangs’ style of leadership seems to be creating imbalance within his team of employees. Arthur Wang appears to be practicing a directive leadership style. Directive leadership as mentioned by Artiz and Walker gives employees instructions about their tasks, including what is expected of them, how it is to be done, and the timeline for when it should be completed. Arthurs leadership style discourages the use of collaboration and it is clearly reducing the overall morale of his employees. Directive leaders such as Arthur, often disregard the benefits of collaboration because they believe their experience and knowledge is more valuable to the project. They do not seek out to empower others. Employee growth and insight is secondary to the tasks which must be completed. With directive leaders, it is a one-way street where specifics are communicated about a job that must be done. Then the leader assigns responsibility to specific tasks and holds individuals accountable for not meeting expectations. While there are some fields that thrive under directive leadership such as the military and law enforcement, I believe medical fields and social service fields are not under that umbrella. Directive leaders expect compliance with published workplace rules regardless of one’s own personal values or beliefs. They expect orders to be followed without question. For many people this creates a lack of ownership for the work they are asked to complete, which increases their personal dissatisfaction and contributes to a lack of morale. In the study conducted by Artiz and Walker they concluded that, “Participants under directive leadership showed a less balanced contribution and participation rate and may to some degree be responsible for the lower degree of satisfaction among Asian participants of being included, valued, or supported within their groups.” (Artiz & Walker 2014). Our text mentions the Confucian Asia Leadership style and I believe that Arthur exhibits some of the qualities of this leadership style as well. According to Northouse et al 2019, “The leadership profile of the Confucian Asia countries describes a leader who is self-protective, team oriented, and humane oriented. The Confucian Asia profile describes a leader who works and cares about others but who uses status and position to make independent decisions without the input of others.” (Northouse 2019). As seen in the Riverbend City scenario Arthur does not value the opinions of his subordinates nor does he include them in the decision-making process. After reading each interview, I believe that Arthur should seriously consider changing his leadership style to better suit his colleagues and the hospital.

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