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CIS105 At-Home Final Exam Part 1: Project – 70 points


MICROSOFT WORD (15 points)

You will create a business portfolio using the tools in MS Word to go with your Final
Exam for CIS105. You will demonstrate your ability to work with the features of MS
Word by creating a document, inserting a table of contents, and describing your
final exam.

a) Create a new document.

b) Create a Title Page with the following information centered on the page:

a. Your First and Last Name

b. Course and Section Number

c. Date

c) Add your MEID as a footer.

d) Insert a Table of Contents.

e) Create a section for each of the components of the Final Exam.

a. PowerPoint Presentation

b. Excel Spreadsheet

c. Access Database

f) For each section, write at least one paragraph describing the outcome of each

assignment on the Final Project.

a. What worked well?

b. What did you struggle with?

c. How long did it take you to complete the assignment?

g) Make sure that each of the three topics above are referenced in the Table of

Contents and set to automatically update.

h) Apply bold formatting to one item.

i) Apply italics to at least one item.

j) Apply Arial 12 point font to the entire document.

k) Save the file as Portfolio_YourName x.

CIS105 At-Home Final Exam Part 1: Project – 70 points



You will be creating a presentation for Buena Vista Apartments. You are presenting
an overview of the financial outlook for the company. The presentation will include

specific points you want to remember to cover during the meeting.

a) Create a new presentation.

b) Select the Aspect or Trek Theme.

c) Add a new slide with the title text “Buena Vista Apartments – Business

Outlook” as right aligned.

d) Type the subtitle text as “by – Your Full Name & MEID” as right aligned.

e) Modify title text and subtitle placeholders to accommodate the text on the right


of the slide.

f) Add a Slide with the title text as “Assessment” and the following items:

a. Look at our current strengths

b. Isolate our current weaknesses

c. Define new opportunities

d. Discuss potential threats to business

g) Insert a business picture from the Clip Art Gallery and resize to fit the left side

of the slide.

h) Add a slide for each of the following and include the bullet list on each slide:

a. Growth Potential

i. Are sales going up or down?

ii. Are profits rising or declining?

iii. Is market share sustained or contracting?

iv. Is the turnover rate high or low?

b. Financial Options

i. Are there any potential investors?

ii. How much will be required for this year?

iii. How much will be needed for expansion?

CIS105 At-Home Final Exam Part 1: Project – 70 points


iv. Have we checked commercial banks?

c. Future Outlook

i. Is the business expanding or contracting?

ii. Are we at full capacity or less than capacity?

iii. Are there sufficient resources to match new clients?

iv. Has outsourcing been considered?

i) Add animation to the presentation

j) Save the file with the name Final Exam Presentation.pptx.

CIS105 At-Home Final Exam Part 1: Project – 70 points



Williams Auto Sales

You are a car salesperson for Williams Auto Sales. Your manager requires you to
prepare a monthly sales report for him. This report will list all car sales for the
month of January. You will create a summary area which will include highest price,
lowest price, total count, and percentage of cars financed.

a) Open the Microsoft Excel data file from the lesson and save it as


b) Enter the appropriate formula to calculate total sales and highlight the cell.

c) Compute the total amount paid.

d) Compute the total amount financed.

e) Using the IF Function, compute your commission only on cars that received a

loan. Calculate the commission on those loans at a rate of 1% of the selling

price in column G. Tip: Your IF Function should use the greater than “>”

symbol to be successful.

f) Compute the Total Commission.

g) Highlight the row of the most expensive car.

h) Enter the comment in A11 “My favorite car.”

i) Compute the statistics using Functions as labeled in the data file for the Total

Number of Cars Sold, Highest Priced Car, Lowest Priced Car, and the

Percentage of Cars Financed.

j) Format the completed worksheet using currency and percentage and insert an

appropriate image.

k) Insert today’s date at the bottom of the worksheet.

l) In cell A 25, insert your First Name, Last Name, and MEID.

m) Save your changes and close the workbook.

CIS105 At-Home Final Exam Part 1: Project – 70 points



The Cooking Show

The local television station has decided to produce a new cooking show. You have
been hired to manage the database of recipes they will use. You have already
created a database in Access that stores the recipes they will use in their first three

The producer would like for you to generate a report based on this table. He has

specific requirements for the report. They are as follows:

1. The report should be grouped by category.

2. It should be sorted by recipe name and then by cooking time in ascending


3. He would like to see the average number of servings per category group.

4. He has made a special request that you provide a printout in the same
format as the overall report that shows only recipes that produce 10

5. He would like the total number of recipes displayed at the end of the report.

Based on these requirements, create the report for your employer. Open the
Microsoft Access data file from the lesson and save it as


Create the report based on the Recipes table. Use any report creation method you
like and make sure to include all fields in the table. Select a layout and style of

your own choice. Follow these additional specifications as you create and edit the

Add or change the report logo to an image of your own selection.

Center all data and headings except for Recipe ID and Category

Change the title on the report to Recipe Database

Add your name and MEID to the top right corner of the report header

Using the view of your choice, make sure that the report is laid out attractively on
the page. Manipulate field sizes and placement as needed.


CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems
Final Project Rubric

Grading will be based upon the accuracy of your work, the appearance of your work, and how well
you apply the features you learned throughout the course. You are to complete and submit all
assessments for this project. Points will be granted in each of the categories listed below.

NOTE: You are only allowed to submit the Final Project once, so do your best work!

Category Description Possible

MS Word

The document will be reviewed based on the successful completion of the

• Use of Header and Footer
• Table of Contents
• Description of your experience completing the Final Project
• Formatting of text
• Correct file name


MS PowerPoint

The presentation will be reviewed based on the successful completion of the

• Application of a theme
• Using of clipart
• Applying animation
• Adding slides
• Correct file name


MS Excel

The spreadsheet will be reviewed based on the successful completion of the

• Calculating totals
• Applying formatting
• Computing data using formulas
• Computing data using functions


MS Access

The database will be reviewed based on the successful completion of the

• Creating a report
• Querying data
• Customizing the look of a report


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