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Analytical Essay: Steve Jobs
Analytical Essay: Steve Jobs
The nature of the American society is established on defining the element that makes individuals aspire to be or mimic certain individuals. Shear brilliance, level of success or a high level of intelligence can be the linchpin that can thrust an individual from nobody, to an American idol. This factor can be based on the element that such an individual will provide for community or society that will generate the perception of a role model for society (Deutschman, 2001). Creativity is a factor that has served to create the image of a role model of society.
In the current nature of business is based on establishing innovation and creativity. The latter is essential creating products that will appeal to the American community. Creativity is innovation, and innovation is the leading light in the development of products that will appeal to the public or consumers and potential consumers of the product. This illustrates that creativity can be the pillar on which brilliance is shown, and success is achieved, by a company or an individual. The best example of creativity is Steve Jobs. (Deutschman, 2001)
Steve Jobs is the foundation or pinnacle of how creativity can be a successful tool in a society. He was the CEO of Apple Inc., and the ideologies that he implemented in the company served to propel the company to new heights, and latter revive the company from significant losses after he was fired as the brand manager. Steve Jobs can be deemed as the prime reason of the success of Apple, and is derived from his high level of creativity in product design.
Steve Jobs did not attend college; however, it did not prove to be an obstacle that would affect his ability to generate ideas that would propel a company to ‘the next level’. When he took charge at Apple, his nature and ability to demonstrate a high level of creativity served as a definitive factor in generating Apple into a household brand.
In the 1980s, Steve Jobs managed to create a computer-based machine known as the Mac (short for Macintosh). It was a computer more productive than ordinary machinery, and they were fundamental for companies in improving their operations and increasing efficiency (Deutschman, 2001). It became a popular tool and even used in several movies as a symbol of new-age technology in the 80s. The start would serve to define Steve Jobs as the most creative mind on earth.
By creative, it does not imply that Steve Jobs had several ideas; his creativity implies that he had several ideas that were popular and/or successful on the market. It was the aspect of Jobs, which made him a cut above the rest. His ideas were not only intent on serving to be a new idea for individuals and companies to use, but they were meant to be concepts that could be used for longer than a decade. The Mac is still used in modern society, although it has gone through the evolution of becoming a modernized tool, which is according to the vision that was created or established by Steve Jobs for the future of Mac development.
This was the nature of Steve Jobs, he was creative, but his creativity was intent on creating a long-term plan on a concept that would ensure Apple would remain a force in the computer industry in the 1980s. The main problem was that Steve Jobs had ambitions and his inventive nature meant that he required the Apple Company to create products that were ahead of their time. The company’s board did not agree with Jobs, and he was fired in the 1990s. (Deutschman, 2001)
As a result, Apple would struggle during the decade of the 90s. The sales dropped and the lack of creativity served to end the reign of Apple in the 1980s, and it gave rise to companies like Dell and Compaq. The demise of Apple in the 90s was a point of realization for the firm’s board that Jobs was the driving force for Apple. The board was forced to re-hire Jobs, so he could return the company back to its former glory. It served to be the best decision that Apple would make.
Steve Jobs was back in Apple, and it was as though he never left the company. The first plan was to introduce products that he labeled as ‘ten years behind schedule’. He introduced the I-pod, which became a huge success, and it is considered as the most popular item on a global scale, surpassing products such as beer and televisions (Deutschman, 2001). He later demonstrated his creative nature by fusing the I-Pod with a phone, hence the creation of the I-phone. It led to the creation of the I-Pad and I-Pad 2.
The I-generation of products was the focal point that was the re-birth of Apple. It served to propel Apple back to the top as ‘one of the most popular and successful companies’ in the world. The I-generation was the last thing that Steve Jobs managed to provide for Apple and the world. His death was a tragedy and a cruel aspect that would leave the world missing a spark of creativity. (Deutschman, 2001)
However, he leaves an legacy that serves as a shining light on the aspect of creativity and creating a vision that would last several decades. His creativity can be deemed an inspiration for other companies, and he leaves a gap that will be tough to fill, but it serves to motivate society that creativity can be a facilitator of success. He was, is and always will be a role model for aspiring members of the American community and the world.
Deutschman, Alan (2001) the Second Coming of Steve Jobs, Broadway, USA

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