CC Electron Microscope & Contemporary Science Report

  • science110Newsletter

    Studentsshall create their own educational/informative newsletter .

    PART I: Newsletter(80 points)

    Students will create a document, which informs and enlightens readers on one of the most important Scientific discovery of 20th century.

    (Word has numerous standard newsletter templates to assist you)

    The newsletter shall include at least 6 sections about the following subjects:

    1. Why you chose this event
    2. Science behind the discovery
    3. Describe the discovery
    4. What are the consequences (positive and negative) of the discovery on humanity
    5. What are the consequences (positive and negative) of the discovery on an environment
    6. “my corner” “my side” “my thoughts”

    Sections can be presented in different formats: i.e. pictures, a story, infographic, interview, article, informational, educational piece, article re-cap, quiz, history note, “did you know?” current event, local event, class, statistics, etc… You must present your sections using at least 4 different formats (you can’t use 6 articles, or 6 events, or 6 jokes, etc…)

    Each newsletter shall include all the components outlined above and should be at least 3 pages plus the references page.

    Feel free to be creative and have fun with the assignment. Include all references and citations on your reference page. (Failure to include any of these standards shall result in a reduction of points)

    PART II: Readers feedback (20 points)

    Once you have completed and submitted your newsletter, you will be assigned to review two newsletters of your classmates. Please let me know if the students’ newsletters are not visible to you. Feedback can be short but hopefully constructive. You can ask questions to your reader (survey type) to be sure you receive the feedback requested. For example: What is your overall impression of the newsletter? What do you think about the content of the newsletter? Was the content easy to understand? Any suggestions to improve the newsletter? What was your favorite part? etc…

    Submission guidelines:

    • File submitted must be a pdf.
    • Name the file using this format: Firstname_Lastname_ScienceNewsletter.pdf

    Use this rubric to self-evaluate your assignment:

    (Links to an external site.)

    (Links to an external site.)

    Required Technical Elements:

    1. Title(s) using display typefaces
    2. Headlines
    3. Sub-headlines
    4. Columns – at least 2
    5. Images (pictures, graphics, clip art) – at least 3
    6. Typefaces limited to 3
    7. Varying font sizes and styles
    8. At least 3 pages + 1 page for references.


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