CEFS 546 Liberty University Counseling Case Study

Follow the example below as you complete your Case Study assignment. You will have 3 major
areas to your case study response: (1) key issues, (2) diagnostic impressions, and (3) treatment
recommendations. This assignment needs a current APA-formatted title page, and you are
required to cite the sources for the treatment recommendations and include a reference page. It
must be 3–4 pages for content. The Case Study assignment is an opportunity for you to think
through a clinical case, identify and prioritize key issues involved, consider and clarify relevant
diagnostic issues, and formulate treatment recommendations that are most likely to be helpful to
the client.
Key Issues
A. List in order of importance the key issues you believe are involved in the case study,
as if you were the client’s counselor. Provide a rationale for the order in which you
prioritized issues. What are the most important features to you, and why?
B. Link your rationale to what you believe outcomes of treatment should be for this
client. How will your order of priority contribute to a successful outcome for the
Diagnostic Impressions
A. Based on the information provided in the case study, use the current version of the
DSM to accurately diagnose the type(s) of disorder(s) involved. Refer to specific
diagnostic criteria when presenting your impressions. What category could this be in?
What disorder in that category does this appear to be and why? Provide rationale for
diagnosis, giving consideration to differential diagnostic considerations. In other
words, what disorders in this category or other closely related categories were
considered? Why could this not be any of those disorders? You may want to consider
here theories of normal and abnormal personality development. Also, consider
systemic and environmental factors that affect human development, functioning, and
B. Be sure to consider other disorders in addition to the main disorder. Is there more than
one diagnosis? Provide rationale for diagnosing any additional disorders.
III. Treatment Recommendations (cite sources in this section)
A. List your recommendations (e.g., 1., 2., 3., etc.) so that you can clearly delineate what
you believe will be of most help to your client. Consider recommendations that will
be motivating to your client and reflective of a collaborative approach. Also, consider
essential interviewing, counseling, and case conceptualization skills.
B. Be sure to consider the biopsychosociospiritual aspects of the case. Make sure your
recommendations are relevant to the case, able to be implemented by the client, and
have some basis of support from professional literature—include your 2–3 academic
sources here. Ensure that you have included evidence-based counseling strategies and
techniques for prevention and intervention for this client.
CEFS 546
Kristen is a 38 year-old divorced mother of two teenagers. She has had a successful, well-paying
career for the past several years in upper-level management. Even though she has worked for the
same, thriving company for over 6 years, she’s found herself worrying constantly about losing
her job and being unable to provide for her children. This worry has been troubling her for the
past 8 months. Despite her best efforts, she hasn’t been able to shake the negative thoughts.
Kristen notes that there are no specific reasons for this worry of losing her job except that the
economy has been in a serious downturn and she knows of friends and family that have lost their
jobs or been laid off.
Ever since the worry started, Kristen has found herself feeling restless, tired, and tense. In fact,
she reports that her muscles sometimes ache as though she had been working out, but notes that
she has not worked out in months. She often paces in her office when she’s there alone. She’s
had several embarrassing moments in meetings where she has lost track of what she was trying
to say. When she goes to bed at night, it’s as if her brain won’t shut off. She finds herself
mentally rehearsing all the worst-case scenarios regarding losing her job, including ending up
homeless. This causes her to lose sleep and some nights she is only getting two to three hours of
In addition to this, she worries often about her two teenage daughters. She reports that they are
both good girls who do well in school, are involved in sports, and have never been in any serious
trouble. But Kristen notes that she has heard horror stories from others about the trouble their
children have gotten into as they have grown up, including drug use and criminal activity.
Kristen reports that although her daughters have given her no reason to be concerned, the
thoughts of what could happen still come to her.
Kristen has also noted that her parents who are in their late sixties are also starting to show signs
of aging with some health issues. She reports that it is nothing major, but again, her thoughts
often drift to what she refers to as “worst-case scenario” and cause her to worry about what her
parents will experience as they age. She notes that some of her friends are dealing with parents
with Alzheimer’s or cancer, and she realizes that as the “sandwich generation,” this is something
she may be faced with.
Kristen reports that she is a Christian and identifies as being Methodist. She attends church
regularly. She notes that attending church and services does seem to assist some to assuage her
concern and worry while at church, but they still return when she is not there.
Kristen did report that both her parents and her two daughters are very supportive. She also has
a group of very supportive friends in her life that she reports she is grateful for and have assisted
her since her divorce four years ago. Kristen also noted that the divorce with her husband was
pretty amicable and that they co-parent the two girls well together. She is not currently in a
romantic relationship and at this time reports that she has no desire for this. She reports it would
probably just give her something else to worry about. She also notes that as irritable as she has
been for the past 8 months, it would make finding someone who would want to date her very
CEFS 546
Submit Case Study 1 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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