Central Michigan University Misinformation Communications Essay

This week’s assignment is pretty simple:

Take a look at First Draft, a site whose mission is to “protect communities from harmful misinformation.” In a world of deep-fakes and endless propaganda, truth is harder to separate from fiction than ever. So a site like this can be useful if not essential:

https://firstdraftnews.org/(Links to an external site.)

So read through the site’s reports or the site’s Twitter feed and pick something that you find informative or helpful or surprising. Write up to 150 words about what you chose and why you chose it. Then reply to another student’s choice. Remember that I will deduct for spelling/grammar mistakes and for forgetting to reply to another post.

Here’s the site’s Twitter feed….

https://twitter.com/firstdraftnews (Links to an external site.)

… and if you’re not sure what to choose, here is a good option:

Verifying Online Information

(Links to an external site.)

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