Central State University What Are the Five Kinds of Audiences Discussion Questions

2.1 What are the five kinds of audiences?

2.2 What are ways to analyze your audience?

2.3 What are three ways to adapt your message to your


3.4 What other cultures are you most likely to work with? How could you learn about those cultures?

3.6 Suppose you have an audience that is sexist, racist, or prej- udiced in some other way. To what extent, if any, should you adapt to this aspect of your audience?

3.7 It’s sexist to always put the male pronoun first in pronoun pairs (e.g., he/she rather than she/he or s/he). Why do the authors of this book recommend that method? Which method do you prefer?

Here is the references you will use………..  LOCKER (2017). Business Communication: Building Critical Skills (6th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). https://yuzu.vitalsource.com/books/0077637208

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