Central Texas College Statistics Worksheet

As explained in the last
module, through your Application Essays we are developing your ability to
explain the results of statistical tests and your skills for writing statistical results in APA style.As previously stated, it is not enough to know how to compute a calculation if you have no idea what that
calculation means as it is applied to the research question.
I have selected a problem with correct answers provided in the back of the text so that you can check your
work and revise it if needed.
This way you can focus on the explanation of the results in this assignment
and not on the computation itself.
Below I provide an outline of the information you must include in your
explanation in the order it should appear.
For problem 7 on page 384 in your text, write a Results section in APA style for the related samples
t test
you calculated (e.g.
, double spaced, labeled with the word ‘Results’ centered at the top of the page, 1-inch
margins, etc.
). When writing your Results sections, you may find the following pages helpful: GWFW
page 372; Green & Salkind page 124; APA style manual: pages 32-35, 41-67, and 181-191. The APA
style Results section should include
a brief statement explaining the research by specifically mentioning the variable examined and
its levels,
a brief description of the sample,
c. a statement of the statistical test used,
d. the probability of a Type I error,
e. the sample size, mean and standard deviation for each level/condition/treatment,
f. a conclusion about the comparison
in words
supported by the statistical results of the test in parentheses (i.e., the
formatted in APA style).g. an explanation of the effect size.
When completed, be sure to keep a revised copy of this assignment for reference in your research
methods course. You will be writing an entire manuscript in APA style for that course. I cannot stress
enough how useful it will be for you to have examples of APA style results sections then (and in graduate

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