City Colleges of Chicago Wilbur Wright College Violence in The Media Essay

Critical Thinking Sociological Theory Investigation: Violence in the Media ExerciseWhen we talk about the relationship between media and society, the first striking fact
we encounter is how violence portrayed in media can have a particular effect on people.
All studies in this field since the beginning of the 20th century reveal that violent
content impacts individuals and societies. The frequent presence of violence in
newspapers, television, cinema, and the more widely used virtual environments today is
a problem that arises out of the need to reach a wider audience and secure financial
interests. Violence sells itself. It is interesting, it arouses curiosity and because of that,
TV series, movies, news, music, video games and social media platforms have become a
place where it can be found easily. Therefore, it is an essential debate whether the
intense level of violence in mass media desensitizes individuals and increases the
frequency of violence in real life.
NOTE: The paper should be in word format, in 3 or 4 full pages in length, double-spaced
(no extra spaces between paragraphs), with 12-point Times New Roman or Georgia font,
one” margins. Spelling and grammar are a part of this assignment, as incorrect usage
can inhibit your ability to communicate your ideas. We are using the MLA format for
writing and research.. Include at least two scholarly sources cited in MLA format in
addition to the textbook.
Sociological Question: Does television provide a distorted view of violence and crime?
Assignment Instructions:
1. Choose three television shows where you would expect to see some violent
content. Take notes on the portrayal of violence, crime and criminals as you
watch the show. Answer the following questions.
a. What kinds of crimes are prominent? Who are the criminals? Who are the
b. What general impressions do the shows give of the crime and violence?
c. Using the four theoretical perspectives (symbolic interactionism perspective,
structural functionalist perspective, the social conflict and feminist
perspectives) explain the violence in the shows you selected? Please be

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