CJS 225 University of Phoenix Critical Thinking Elements Worksheet

CJS/225 v5Critical Thinking Elements
The main goal of thinking critically is coming to correct conclusions that have the best outcome possible.
In the field of criminal justice, there are decisions that need to be made in all the various roles of policing,
corrections, courts, and security.
Consider what you have learned about various aspects of critical thinking.
Answer each question with at least 45 to 90 words.
1. Provide a statement of fact and opinion related to an aspect of criminal justice. Support your
statements with at least one source.
2. Identify at least one cognitive bias in the Critical Thinking text that could affect someone’s opinion
regarding the field of criminal justice. Support your argument.
3. Research and define an active issue in the field of criminal justice. What is the argument for both
sides of the issue?
4. What is the difference between a deductive and inductive argument? Why is this important to
someone working in criminal justice? Provide an example to support your argument.
List the sources used for this assignment below, and format them according to APA guidelines:
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