CJS 225 University of Phoenix Critical Thinking Skills Rhetoric Device Worksheet

CJS/225 v5
Critical Thinking Skills Worksheet
In the field of criminal justice, you will need to understand the communication that occurs in the office, in
the field, and with individuals you meet. You may be in position to interview someone responsible for
criminal activity, to interview a victim who needs to explain what he or she encountered, or to understand
a co-worker or supervisor as you transition into a different role. Different aspects of critical thinking will
help you filter the communication and allow you to make good decisions.
Answer each question with at least 90 to 175 words.
1. Explain at least 2 examples of rhetorical devices (e.g., loaded questions, stereotypes, etc.). Why is it
important to understand them in a criminal justice role?
2. Explain the relationship between rhetorical devices and persuasion. Provide an example of how
someone might be persuaded by another using a rhetorical device.
3. Explain 2 relevance fallacies (e.g., straw man, false dilemma, etc.) you might encounter in criminal
justice. How would recognizing these fallacies factor into your decision making?
List the sources used for this assignment below, and format them according to APA guidelines:
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