CNL-525 Topic 2: Race and Ethnicity Short Answer Worksheet

Directions: Review and answer each of the questions below with a minimum of 50 words in each response. Include a minimum of five scholarly sources.

1.What are the differences and similarities between race and ethnicity?

2.How does race affect career choice and career options? Provide an example in your response.

3.How does ethnicity affect career choice and career options? Provide an example in your response.

4.What is at least one labor law in the U.S. that pertains to race, ethnicity, or discrimination? As a counselor in training, why is it important to be aware of the labor laws?

5.Considering issues related to race and ethnicity, how do current movements and global issues affect career choices and career options?

6.What are some educational barriers faced by individuals related to race or ethnicity? Provide an example in your response.

7.Considering issues related to race and ethnicity, what are some strategies for advocatingfor diverse clients’ career and educational development and employment opportunities in a global economy?

8.Consider some common career counseling interventions, or strategies, that you have read about recently.  What are some ethical and culturally relevant strategies for addressing career development when working with someone who belongs to a marginalized or oppressed population?

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