Collin College Artificial Intelligence Essay

IT IS NOT A BOOK REPORT ON THE VIDEO. You will write ashort, 3 to 5 page paper addressing the concepts of the effects of AIon your role and future in business and as a business communicator.Discuss your opinions and support them with outside references. Youdon’t need to agree with the points expressed in the video as long asyou support those arguments with references.You are expected to appropriately cite all references and to use APAwriting style guidelines. The “body” of your paper (not including title page,reference list, tables or illustrations) will be 2 to 3 pages in length,double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. Header, footer andmargins will be 1 inch, left justified. Your paper will conform to theAPA Style® include no fewer than 3 (in addition to the video), and nomore than 6 references. THE PAPER SHOULD REFERENCE THE VIDEO AND OUTSIDE SOURCES. IT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IN LESS THAN 20 HOURS. LESS THAN 20 HOURS . NO PLAGIARISM AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS.


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