Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site in South Carolina Discussion Paper

Usingthespecifictouristdestination in South Carolina (Hilton head, folly beach, etc.) that might need a little help creating a better persuasive message to get more tourists to visit create a discussion post to help this location persuade people to visit this area.


Paragraph 1: Have an intro paragraph that does the job

I. Describe your site!

Paragraph 2 or more…

What is your site? Provide a brief history of the leisure activities and tourism associated with your topic/site. You might even contact some folks.

Paragraph 3

Identify hot-spots around your topic–other cultural attractions?

1. Cities –famous examples of hospitality, food, and drink

2. Water – oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches

3. Mountains – hiking, camping, skiing

4. Landmarks – sightseeing opportunities including historical places and national/state parks

Paragraph 4

How has the site attracted tourist in the past?

II. Evaluation: Identify and critically assess the current persuasion strategy of your site. What is effective and what needs to be addressed?

Paragraph 5

A. Target Audiences

1. List where advertising products are displayed and identify what demographics are they are trying to reach.

2. Perform a VALS (this stands for Values, Attitudes, and Life Styles) analysis of the current campaign.

Paragraph 6

B. Media Presence: describe some examples of persuasive advertising and determine how effective they are in reaching target audience.

1. Old Media: broadcast (television), print (magazines/newspapers), billboards

2. New Media: websites, social networking, etc…

Paragraph 7

C. Messaging

1. How effective are the Slogans/Branding/Copy of their tourist site and/or products?

2. Analyze the visual cues: how effective are the images, icons, logos, and color palette?

III. Strategy: Write out a plan to improve appeals and better reach target audiences. Identify immediate changes that can be adopted to improve market saturation and persuade audiences and justify them based on the concepts from this course.

Paragraph 8

A. Media

1. How can the existing use of media improve? How would this be done, and how would it enhance the ability to increase reach and frequency?

2. What new medium could be harnessed effectively? What benefit would it provide?

Paragraph 9

B. Target Audiences

1. Identify a new demographic and psychographic/VALS consumer market that should be appealed to. Explain why they would be receptive to such attention. (See Chapter 5 on audiences and attitudes)

Paragraph 10

C. Messaging

1. Offer a new slogan and explain why it would improve the existing one.

2. Suggest a change in the name, color scheme, and/or logo and justify why it would prove more appealing.

Paragraph 11: Have a closing paragraph that does what a closing paragraph ought to do

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