Colorado Technical University Community Development Response

Student post down below:

In the discussion in Unit 5, the area of focus for my topic was poverty in association with health disparities. The two groups that would meet the criteria for stakeholders are adolescents between the ages of 4 and 21 and clinical providers for community outreach centers. “Drawing from inter-organizational research, we agree that stakeholders in a given problem domain must be present or represented with some measure of inclusivity and equality of voices. Prizing inclusivity in stakeholder identification contributes to having relevant and varied expertise at the table, co-creating a vision everyone buys into, developing an environment where the vision is likely to succeed, and avoiding having unrepresented (or overrepresented) voices eventually derail or undermine the work of the collaborative whole.” (Isbell, 2017) When incorporating the stakeholders, their perspectives are unique and shed light on developing resources, strategic decisions, and appropriate measurements to evaluate success. When identifying  adolescents between the ages of 4 and 21 and clinical providers for community outreach centers as stakeholders are:

  • They present a unique dynamic for health care providers and the community.
  • Based on the health and mental needs of the adolescent, health care providers can advocate for resources, funding, and partnership.
  • Due to a need for affordable and accessible health care will help strengthen advocacy and equality for receiving  health care treatments.
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