COM 2080 FSU Sports as An Agent of Societal Influence Informative Speech

Informative Speech: 5 to 6 minutes

Informative speeches typically describe an object, show how something works, report an event, or explain a concept. The primary goal is to convey knowledge and understanding rather than change listeners’ attitudes,  beliefs,  or  actions.  Professionals  frequently  produce short  videos  sharing  their  particular knowledge in an effort to establish themselves as an “expert” in their field.For  this  assignment,  you  will  select  a  topic  (approved  by  your  TA)  from  your  degree  program,  area  of professional interest, or an area of personal interest (i.e. a hobby, a place, a person) on which toeducate an audience. You will need to research the topic to find at least 3 high-quality online references, and construct a thesis statement that you will send to your group TA. Your group TA must approve your topic, thesis statement, and sources before you submit your speech, or you will receive a 30-point deduction on the  speech  (10  points  for  each  element  missing:  topic,  thesis  statement,  and/or  sources).  If  your  TA requests revisions, those are due by the deadline, so submit your topic information early.Then, write and present a speech that will inform an audience that presumably knows nothing about the subject matter. The speech should be informative, not persuasive, so avoid persuasive language. The speech will  have  a  clear  introduction,  the  development  and  presentation  of  three  main  points,  and  a  clear conclusion.Your grade will be based upon: (a) choice of topic; (b) use of attention-getting introduction;(c) preview of the body of the speech; (d) development of three identifiable main points; (e) inclusion of three citations of source/supporting material; (f) adequate summarization of main points in conclusion; (g) analysis of and adaptation to audience; (h) appropriateness of movement, posture, dress, vocals, etc.; and (j)  speech  outline  (submit  speech  outline  to  TurnItIn  before  the  due  date).  Rubrics  for  each  speech  are provided in Modules.You will upload your speech video and Turnitin speech outline under the specified link on the course site by 7:00PM on the due date. ResourcesSelective Chapters from “The Pocket Guide to Public Speaking,” e.g.,• Part II – 7 – Analyzing the Audience• Part VII – 23 – Informative Speaking• Part VIII – 27 to 35Online Sources:? Howard Bragman Advises Public Relations People, (2012). Howard Bragman at Big Think: ? How We Read Each Other’s Mind, (2009). Rebecca Saxe at TED Talks: ? The No Mercy Fallacy – Why Nice Actually Finishes First, (2013). Peter Shankman at TEDxTimesSquare:

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