COM 220 Arapahoe Community College Communications Essay

Section 1

Assignment Options: Chose One Option

1. Nonverbal Artifact Analysis

Choose a nonverbal artifact, symbol, phenomena, or ritual to analyze. For example: cultural rituals such as wedding rituals, religious rituals & ceremonies, greeting rituals (handshake, bow, etc,), piercings, sports rituals, cultural rituals around mealtime, cultural & societal symbols (bald eagle, statue of liberty, flags, black lives matter, etc.), nonverbal emblems (peace sign, thumbs up, etc.). Connect the artifact or ritual to 2-3 types of nonverbal communication discussed in your textbook. Explain how the artifact or ritual is representative of nonverbal communication by connecting to both the concepts and the content from your textbook around nonverbal communication.

2. Self-concept Reflection

You will reflect on your own self-concept and the events and people that have shaped it in the past and are still shaping it today. You are only required to discuss as much personal information as you are comfortable with, and the contents will be kept confidential. You can focus on a variety of events or time frames.

You can discuss what your self-concept is today: what factors are important to you and how they apply to you today.

You can discuss your childhood: events (or one event) that shaped your self-concept as a child and continues to shape who you are today.

You can write a personal narrative about something that has happened to you as an adult (such as a life-changing event) that has had a significant impact on your life and made you change something – a behavior, belief system, etc.

There is lots of leeway in the focus for this assignment, so you have room to make it meaningful to you. Give examples of at least two concepts from the textbook to clearly demonstrate how the concept is used and applied in your life.

Section 2

1. Intercultural Communication in Media

Watch an episode of a TV show or listen to an episode of a podcast. Give a brief summary of the episode. Give examples of at least two course concepts and how they are displayed in the episode. Use the textbook to clearly demonstrate how the concept is used and applied in an intercultural communication situation. Write 250-500 words in APA format.

Textbook: Jandt, F. E. (2021).An introduction to intercultural communication: Identities in a Global Community. SAGE Publications Inc. (You may also use the 2017 Textbook if you have access to it).

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