Communications 13th Documentary Analysis Discussion

You will analyze a text related to hate

Needs Heuristic Value and Quality of Expression

1. Purpose of the persuasive analysis. This is what you want to accomplish in your analysis.

2. A general description of your persuasive text. This description should provide the reader with an understanding of the text and the social significance of the text (and your work). Some of you may have a more specific and concrete text than others but everyone should have a text that centers your analysis.

3. Your description of the theoretical lens that you use to understand and critique your Web Page/film. You should define the theoretical concepts you use to understand your Web Page/film. For example, if you are examining a website maintained by a hate group in terms of its narrative features, then you will want to describe the “narrative” concept so that a reader will know what you “considered” as a narrative. Other optional theoretical concepts might include (heuristics, hate stratagem, or basic themes that are part of a thematic analysis).

4. Analysis: This would include the critique of your Web Page/film. For example, if you are analyzing an advertisement’s use of persuasive heuristics, then this portion of your paper would provide concrete and specific descriptions of the author’s attempts to encourage the heuristic processing of persuasive information.

5. Conclusions: This should include a discussion of what you have learned from your analysis. This might also include a brief discussion of the practical use of your findings.

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