Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: UnitedHealth Group.

The paper tells that through its sub-branches, the UnitedHealth group serves about 70 million individuals across the United States. In 2011, the company had net earnings of $5.142billion. UnitedHealth Group is the mother of United Healthcare founded in 1977 as unites healthcare cooperation. The firm has two foundations, namely, the United Healthcare Children Foundation and the United Healthcare Foundation that were announced in 1999. The foundations are heavily involved in providing information that helps in decision-making within the US that promote better health outcomes and healthy populations, like in their partnership with the America’s Health Rankings.

In addition, the foundations are involved in supporting activities that sponsor quality health care for the less fortunate through collaborations with other counterpart organizations. United Healthcare, through its human resource department, maintains a sustainable working environment. The department, through collaborations with outside occupational health service providers, conducts an annual assessment of the workforce management activities. The United Healthcare foundations, through their human resource department, conduct research on workers’ welfare, patient facilities, and conducts workforce analyses.

The firm analyzes its databases, and the physician supply and demand models to understand current issues and forecast future possible outcomes ascribed to the delivery of healthcare.

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