Contemporary Social Issues Drug Rehabilitation Paper

Please answer the following question in 400 words. Include information from the readings and videos on education ONLY. NO PLAGIARISM.

Please answer the following question in 400 words. Include information from the readings and videos
on education.
1. Discuss with the class why drug rehabilitation may not work for some people. What are the
factors that may lead to a relapse?
2. By 2015, the federal and state inmate population in the United States was more than 1.4
million. Though the United States represents only 5 percent of the world’s population, the number of
incarcerated people in the United States represents nearly 25 percent of the world’s prison
population. Data reveals that the United States has the highest prison population rate in the world.
Do we imprison too many people? Why do you feel our prison population is so high? Which
populations are most represented in prisons? Why?
Video Links
Video 1: American Epidemic: The Nation’s Struggle with Opioid Addition

Description: Wall Street Journal journalists describe the devastation caused by opioid abuse throughout
the United States. This clip shares the stories of four families.
Video 2: Drug Policies

Description: Alex Stevens gives an overview of the sociology of drugs, crime, and related policy.
Video 3: School-to-Prison Pipeline
Description: A Frontline special addressing the existence of a school-to-prison pipeline for families living
in resource-poor neighborhoods.
Video 4: Impact of War on Drugs

Description: TED talk about War on Drugs and its social impact in United States and globally
Video 5: The Cost of Juvenile Lock-up
Description: Audio story about the financial costs to parents when youth are processed through a
juvenile detention center
Article Links
Article 1: No Family Is Safe from This Epidemic (Opioids)
Description: This Atlantic article describes the experiences of family members of a deceased opioid user.
Article 2: Man Up!
Description: Discussion of teammate hazing and organizational response in male professional sports.

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