Contemporary Social Issues Questions

Please answer the following questions in 400 words. Include information from the readings and videoson education.
1. The United States spends more on health per capita than any other country. The United States
spends about 16 percent of its GDP on health care—the largest expenditure in this category among
industrialized countries. Even though the U.S. health system is the most expensive in the world,
comparative analyses consistently show the United States underperforms relative to other countries on
most dimensions of health performance. Discuss why this might be? What are potential solutions?
2. According to research, the higher one’s education level, the better one’s health. Discuss why this
might be.
Video 1: The Real Reason American Health Care Is So Expensive

Description: This video explains the bargaining that goes on behind the scenes between health service
provider, insurance providers, and even the U.S. government.
Video 2: Healthiest Nation in One Generation

Description: The American Public Health Association challenges viewers to help America to become to
the healthiest country in the world.
Article Link
Article 1: Census Population Clock
Description: The Census Bureau’s website includes a population clock and annual population estimates
for the United States.

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