​Create a draft of your survey in Microsoft Word. The survey should be about 10 minutes long. The topic of your survey should be something that is of interest to you.

Create a draft of your survey in Microsoft Word. The survey should be about 10 minutes long. The topic of your survey should be something that is of interest to you. Some sample topics include gender differences in sexual attitudes, cultural influences on parenting styles, drug use in adolescents, and so on. Here are two websites on writing surveys that can provide you with more information about survey design

Survey Research


Designing a Survey

. Please note that the data collected by your survey will and should not be used outside of this course or this term. The survey creation and data collection are educational exercises for the purposes of learning more about surveys as a research method.

here are the links



I choose autism

PART 2 read milestone 2 worksheet and fill it out

give a brief overview of what you expect to find in your area of research based on the research you have gathered. Be sure that your hypothesis is clear and supported by literature, using specific examples from the literature. Explain where your hypothesis fits into the context of the literature you have reviewed.Next, discuss the specific method that you will use for your research proposal, for example, an experimental design, a correlational design, a survey, or a case study. You should also discuss the details of how this method will be used. For example, if you are using an experimental design, you will need to identify the independent and dependent variables of the experiment. Or, if you are using a survey, discuss how the survey will be carried out. How will you ensure the questions are well formulated?   PSY 224 Milestone Two Worksheet: Hypothesis and Methodology
Review the critical elements that must be addressed in the final project. Use this worksheet to
develop Milestone Two.
a. State your hypothesis. The hypothesis should be logical and appropriate to the topic
you want to research.
b. Explain where your hypothesis fits in the context of the literature review. [Discuss
how the hypothesis is related to the literature you have reviewed. Is it the same?
Different? Or logically derived from research you have presented? Be sure to discuss
how you have come to the hypothesis based on research.]
c. Discuss specific examples from relevant literature that support your hypothesis.
[Provide one or two examples of research that support your hypothesis. They can be
examples from the research you have presented in the literature review.]
a. Explain the research design and method you selected, and justify why they are
appropriate for your research. [Here you should describe your research method and
explain why you have chosen this method. Please refer to chapter 2 in the APA
Manual to learn how to properly divide the method section into subsections.]
b. Discuss the research participants that will be involved in your study, including how
they will be selected and how many will be used. [You should begin by describing the
group of people you will need to participate in your study. You should mention
specific characteristics like age, gender, etc. that will be needed for your study.
Additionally, discuss how many are needed and where they will be recruited from.]

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