Create Awareness and Educate the Public Regarding Sports Research Paper

Individual Secondary Research – Youth Sports, Benefits of Sports, Sports & CivilDiscourse, Coaching Youth Sports & Civil Discourse Campaign
As your textbook discusses in Chapter 5, research is the first of four chapters that
highlight the basic process of public relations activity, and it is the foundation of any
communication effort. Research can be seen as both an “informal” and “formal” process
of fact gathering. Entire texts and courses focus on research, but chapter five in your
textbook gives a general orientation. Research, essentially, involves a formal listening
process that gauges your key publics, relevant subject matter information, and industry
and competitive trends.
For this assignment you will be conducting secondary research that will inform the
development of a communication campaign designed to create awareness and educate
the public regarding Sports, the benefits of playing or being involved in Sports, and/or
Civil Discourse and Sportsmanship in Sports. When considering what information to look
for, think about gathering information from reputable sources that provides the following:
Background on who is involved in youth sports, little leagues, involvement of kids,
involvement of adults, sports people play, money spent, time involved, number of
participants, etc.
Health and Wellness Benefits of being involved in sports, being active, participating in
exercise/team sports/individual sports.
Appropriate sports for kids
Coaching kids, best practices, how to talk to kids
Risk factors associated with participating in sports
Public attitudes toward sports.
Facts related to issues with youth sports (i.e. bullying, civil discourse, costs, injuries,
Reviews on past public health and youth-oriented sports-related campaigns…what has
been done? What is being promoted or communicated? Focus of the campaigns, etc.
Paper Requirements
Section I: Background Report
You will submit an individual paper reporting on the information you have obtained
through your secondary research efforts. I highly recommend that you be strategic in
your effort to gather background information. Organize your effort. Structure your paper
in categories of information that will help you make sense of your knowledge issues
related to youth sports and potential goals and strategies to develop a campaign that
addresses a particular issue or opportunity related to youth sports. So, think about
headings for the various sections of your paper. They could be something like: Youth
Sports Facts, Participation in Youth Sports, Health Benefits of Participating in Youth
Sports, Risk Factors Associated with participating in youth sports, issues related to
participating in youth sports, previous Youth Sports-related Campaigns, etc.
Section II: Recommendations
For this section, you will make observations and draw conclusions based on the
evidence you have uncovered and reported in Section I of this paper. The point of this
section of the paper is for you to make recommendations about what should be focused
on when it comes to youth sports, and what can be done to address the issue you have
identified. Your recommendation should focus on a particular region or community such
as Western North Carolina, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc. In writing this section, you will first
need to outline various (potentially competing) courses of action to address issues you
have identified and consider the positives and negatives to those courses of action.
Then, you will make recommendations on what should be done with those
recommendation being supported by your research. In recommending a solution, you
should explain why your recommendation is best for addressing this issue in community
you have chosen.
Section III: Survey Questions
In addition to secondary research, Chapter Five of your text also discusses primary
research. While there are a variety of methods used to collect primary data, surveys are
commonly used to help answer questions about your target audiences attitudes and
motivations. In addition to the information gathered for the secondary research report,
you will also write a survey designed to further understand the knowledge and attitudes
the Western Carolina University community has toward mental health. The survey
should include questions regarding the following:
Basic Demographic Questions about the Community you are focusing on
Demographics of the target audience and groups you would address
Knowledge of youth sports issues in the community
Knowledge of Ways to address the issues
The final survey you write should include 15 total questions, with attitude questions
being worded as statements that the respondent will rate from Strongly Disagree to
Strongly Agree on a seven-point Likert scale.
Minimum Guidelines: 8 to 10 pages
Example Sports-related Campaign:

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