Creating a Network Project Proposal

Creating a Network Project Proposal
In this project, you are the consulting firm that will be creating a proposal to implement networking technology for a business. You may choose a fictional or real business that will need a network. The project is build from the ground up, with no upgrades of current equipment (figure it is all Windows NT and Windows 98, with older networking equipment). The business must have at least two locations that are 30 or more miles apart and a minimum of 20 employees. In your executive summary, you will need to explain the business, locations, and the needs assessment.
This is what they want:
1. Web Presence, with web sales
2. Internet access for general areas
3. Intranet
a. Access between sites
b. Owner access from home
4. E-mail
5. Wireless access at all sites
6. For a Retail business: Implementation of on-line inventory tracking system that will automatically update inventory quantities from cash register sales. Inventory at any location is accessible by the other location. All bookkeeping and payroll is completed in-house. Customers need online access to order and check status of orders. Or
For a Manufacturing business: Online manufacturing raw material inventory, production cycle and order status system. All Bookkeeping and payroll is completed in-house. Salespeople travel within the US. Customers need online access to order and check status of orders. Or
For a Restaurant: Order processing software with inventory system. All bookkeeping and payroll is completed in-house. Or
For a Shipping company: Package tracking system, remote update. All bookkeeping and payroll is completed in-house. Employees travel within the US. Customers need online access to schedule pickup and check status of items or
Specific needs of the company – contact me if you choose a different sort of business.
NOTE: The above items must be addressed, even if you recommend they NOT be implemented – explain your reasons.
The minimum proposal will include:
 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary: A concise statement of the project, benefit, and scope geared for the non-technical person to read and understand. Where the company currently is, where they want to be and what benefits the company can expect should they choose to invest in technology and accept your proposal.
 Detailed analysis of Business, Technical, and Security requirements. Depending on the type of business you are providing services to, you will need to consider different designs to compliment and assist the business to be efficient and provide a payoff for the technology they implement.
o Inventory system: Every business that deals with any inventory will need some sort of tracking system.
 parts control for production business
 point of sale system for all retail business
Network Project Proposal Page 2 of 4
 food inventory for restaurants
 tracking system for merchandise / packages in a shipping business
Provide a listing of software & hardware requirements. Include support documentation, gather costs, and include links to vendor sites
o Connectivity: Each business will need to use an outside vendor to connect the two sites together, along with providing Internet connectivity. You will decide the most productive and cost effective means to provide that service, and through which vendor. Include any documentation gathered (notes, etc) during research. This portion of the report may require you to phone the vendor to get cost information for T1, T3’s or whatever you decide is most effective for the business. Document all sources.
o Complete cost analysis of the project, including implementation and recurring costs.
o Written Policies and Procedures to ensure the security and stability of the network. Check online for “canned” policies you can modify for this business.
o Using Microsoft VISIO, provide network drawings including LAN & WAN Designs and Active Directory Drawings. Include in the drawing the network equipment required and where on the physical network the equipment will be located.
o Using Microsoft Project, create a timeline for implementation of the project. This will include when the order for equipment is released, expected arrival dates, expected installation dates, etc.
Considerations to include in the Network Proposal:
 WAN & LAN equipment, where it is located, and how each piece of equipment supports the stakeholder requirements.
 Recurring costs
 Maintenance budget, including equipment end of life & upgrades.
 Policies and procedures
 Security plan
 Acceptable Use Policy
 User Access Policies
 General Network Access
 Remote Access Policies
 Security Policies
 Wireless Policies
 Connectivity:
 Intranet access
 Between sites
 Plans:
 Backup plan
 Disaster recovery / Fault Tolerance plan
Network Project Proposal Page 3 of 4
 Cost Analysis: Include a summary for total cost of the project, and total recurring costs in an easily readable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for this portion. This can be pasted into a word document.
 Hardware
WAN & LAN equipment, laptops, desktops, PDA’s, cable, everything!
 Software – remember the recurring yearly fees
 Training for employees on the new system
 Consulting charges (this is you)
 Ongoing subscription charges
 Maintenance / equipment lifecycle and replacement.
Phase 1 will include the following:
 Executive summary explaining what the company “is” (give it a name and describe what the business goals are).
 Determine the corporate structure, decision makers and who has authority to accept or reject the proposal.
 Detailed business analysis, defining the business, technology services, and application requirements.
 Assign priorities (Must, Must Not, Should, May) to the defined requirements.
 Define the naming convention.
 The first draft of the Active Directory drawing.
Phase 2 will include the following:
 Phase 1 feedback has been reviewed and updated, and is resubmitted
 Physical network topology is identified (Visio chart)
 WAN and LAN drawings (Visio chart)
 Active Directory drawing (Visio chart)
 Required applications are researched and recommended
 Submit initial cost findings of applications and equipment (use Excel)
 Connectivity & web service providers are identified with initial cost findings
 Create a test domain using the defined Active Directory structure
Phase 3 will include the following:
 Phase 2 feedback has been reviewed and updated, and is resubmitted
 Draft complete equipment list with pricing and vendors (use Excel)
 Service providers are identified, connectivity costs & and costs are added to the pricing list.
 Drafts of policies, procedures, and plans included
 Draft of documentation is submitted
 Draft of training plan and costs (ongoing and initial)
 Initial timeline for the project is established
 Test domain is updated to include any updates.
Final submission will include the following:
 All feedback has been reviewed, the project is updated into the final submission
 Turn in complete Network Project Proposal. Wait for the Board of Directors to hire your consulting firm to do the job. (That would be your grade)

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