CSU You Received an Email Which You Over Looked for Two Weeks Apology

We all make mistakes and during these periods we will need to apologize to those we have wronged. Write an apology for the following scenarios: 1. You received an email which you over looked for 2 weeks. 2. A manager accuses an employee of theft and later finds the merchandise he accused the employee of taking. 3. A clerk credits the wrong account and this leads to the wrongful cancellation of a customers insurance.

Hello, Here are some examples……..Answer 1:It is being notified to the sender of the e-mail that I had received the e-mail in my inbox two weeks earlier and since I was busy with certain other assignment, I overlooked the e-mail. I accept that the fault was from my end and I regret that I had not replied to the mail. I would apologize for my mistake and would like to ascertain that such mistake would not happen in the future course of time.Answer 2:I feel extremely ashamed of my act of accusing you of theft. The merchandise for which I have accused you of the theft was found by me. I feel extreme regret for my act and would like to apologize to you. I would like to ascertain that I would not accuse anybody in the future without appropriate evidence. I hope that our relationship would not get hampered and we would collaborate with each other as we were before the happening of mistake from my side.Answer 3:I would like to apologize for my mistake of crediting the wrong account that led to the wrong cancellation of the customer’s insurance. I would like to ensure that I would correct my mistake and would analyze the customer’s insurance that was wrongly cancelled by me and if the insurance is found to be appropriate, I would approve the same. I would also settle the mistake of crediting the wrong account by communicating with the account holder.

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