CSUN Sociology Discussion


In our Discussion Forum, we discussed personal experience with deviance and social control, as well as our understandings of and experiences with stratification within the United States. In this Reading Reflection, we will cover topics from Chapter 10 (Links to an external site.)from our Introduction to Sociology textbook (found in its entirety here as a website link or here as a downloadable PDF).

Below are questions that ask us to wade through poverty, both domestically and globally. We will also be tasked with analyzing global stratification through sociological theories.


Be sure to respond with full sentences, with at least 5 sentences per question, and to be as specific and thorough as possible in your reflections.

Reading Reflections – If referencing the textbook is requested in the prompt, please include citations such as page numbers from the reading to support your statements. If you include references to external works, like research articles or scientific textbooks, these must also be properly cited.


Give an example of the feminization of poverty in core nations like the United States. Then, consider how this same example is experienced in peripheral nations. Is it experienced the same in core and peripheral nations, why or why not? Please reference and cite the textbook in your answer.

Visit the website of your favorite clothing brand or company. Find out who manufactures their products. In what countries are these items produced? Does the manufacturing practices of your chosen brand or company adhere to the principles advocated by the USAS? Please reference and cite the textbook in your answer.

Compare and contrast modernization theory and dependency theory, referencing and citing the textbook in your analysis. Which do you think is more useful in explaining global inequality? Please use an example from current events to support your answer (i.e. international access to adequate, affirmative health care).

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