Curry College Communications Essay

Your final paper is to combine the two and create written instructions as to how to drive from your house to your local US Post Office. Assume I do not have a cell phone and I have no access to any maps program or directions apps. Prepare a paper that is a long or as short as needed providing those directions.

Your paper must be based on the APA style of writing (

APA Style) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

. You will lose significant points for not following APA style.

Your paper will be graded 50% on technique (spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, structure, construction, etc.) and 50% on content (do you follow the rule of threes? Have you provided instructions an average 6th grader could follow (that is the standard for proper explanations)?

The rule of threes here means you must tell me where we are going to, from where (don’t need street numbers, just descriptions – e.g. from my house to the Lynn Post Office), then provide the directions, then tell me about our route – e.g. brief summary of highlights such as ‘you head downtown then pass the McDonalds before turning just before BJs and the Post office is on your left’

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