Please email me for any questions. Thankful for your patience and support. A) B) For this assignment, my audience is the company’s staff. These people are my subordinates and run the company that I’m In charge of, furthermore, they make sure company affairs are settled and there are no unresolved disputes. I have addressed my audience with a professional approach, I keep them updated by addressing the specific problems the company is facing and giving them updates on the company’s endeavors. Gala Franco, CEO SRAM 400 W. Matt-I SST.
Phoenix, AZ 85284 Luscious Leadership at Law 8213 S. Court way Phoenix, AZ 85206 Dear Luscious, I’d like to express my sincere apologies for the detriments our company’s product has caused your client. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to release the chemical composition of the “Beetle rum” product. Once again, on behalf of the company I apologize for your clients hardships and we are hopeful that they will recuperate soon. For additional questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Co Best Regards, John Smith, Customer Service Rep.
B) For this assignment, my audience is a particular client who has endured hardships due to a defective product of the company. The client I am addressing wishes to know the chemical composition of the product our company sold him. In knowing the products formula he may use information against the company result in a potentially greater problem. I have adapted this particular message to include bluff in order for the party to experience approach, however I still reject his request. John Smith 1234 E. Arizona Eave. Phoenix, Arizona 85018

April 7, 2014 Charlie Chafing [email protected] Com Subject: Refund Notice of Action Charlie Chafing; I have reviewed your request for a refund due to hardships you have faced with our product. After taking your case into consideration, I’d like to inform you that your request for a refund has been approved. Sum will be reimbursing you with a total amount of $389. 78 (the cost of the two cases of Beetle Rum). On behalf of Sum I’d like to express our sincere apologies for the mischief you have undergone and we are hopeful for your speedy recovery.
For any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] Co Sincerely, B) The audience I am addressing in this scenario is a client and victim of the company’s product. The customer has endured hardships because of the product and therefore has requested a refund for the purchase amount of the items he purchased. The client knows that the product is defective in some way but is not trying to create an argument; he is only demanding a refund. The method I implemented to address the client is very professional and apologetic.

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